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Volume 52
Issue 1

Single Visual Art Post

Meet Our AP Artists 2017-2018

The artists' statements below reference their pieces in the AP Art gallery found here.



Baylor Pillow

I became interested in the arts once I came to Baylor. My dad used to do art for fun, and growing up seeing him create unique pieces was always super cool. Even though I grew up going to art shows, my own personal interest in art developed once I gained respect for the craftsmanship and grew into my own aesthetic. All art that I love fits into a dreamworld that exists in my head.

The medium I use is fabric. In a sewing concentration, I hope to create great clothing pieces that fully reflect how I want fashion to look; the style I love. Fabric is a medium that everyone is familiar with, yet it is seen, worn, and styled differently on everyone. 

A fish I made in pottery is what I am most proud of. It started  off as an accident, but once Ms. Portera and I worked on it a bit, it was revitalized into a new, unique piece.... a good learning experience!

The theme of my concentration is, truly, a mixture of every style, fit, and cut from all eras of fashion and blending them into timeless pieces. 




Connie Hui

I cannot tell exactly how and when I became interested in art, but I remember that since kindergarten (around 3-4 years old), I drew blackboard paintings for the school and took art classes every weekend. I just felt that art is the only thing I can concentrate on it for a long time and never get tired or bored. Even though sometime I may be physically exhausted working on a piece consecutively for several hours, I always get mentally more excited along the way. 

Art is what I have been doing for over 15 years and also what I want to pursue in the future. And as I’ve fine-tuned my traditional skills and techniques in drawing and painting, I chose to take AP 3D to create a series of works that can move beyond two-dimensions.

I’m not restricted by mediums, and I actually have tried lots of them since I normally choose the medium based on my design or idea of the project. 

To me, the most meaningful and impressive piece was a larger-than-life reproduction of a 4”x5” image of a four-year-old me and my mom smiling in a vintage cafe, oozing a feeling of warmth and coziness due to a balanced warm hue of pastel. That was the largest piece of art I have ever made, and also the only one I completed in one night. 

For AP 3D, my concentration is the connection between ornaments and architecture. I was passionate about jewelry design for a long time, but not until recently I began to work on city, architecture, and interior designs. By working on both 3D but apparently unrelated objects, I hope to learn from architecture some useful concepts or structures in order to create a series jewelries as “wearable spaces”.




Anthony Kranis

Ever since elementary school, I have been exposed to art. Some things I really enjoyed, and other things I absolutely hated. Pottery was always one of my favorite things to do, and when I took pottery at Baylor, I really enjoyed it.  

I chose to participate in the art program because I really enjoyed the mental break art gives me. I take a lot of AP classes, and it is really nice when I can relax, be creative, and use different parts of my brain. 

My primary medium is ceramics. I really enjoy working with my hands, and I also love the feeling of clay in my hands.  

My favorite piece is my large bluish-purple bowl. Throwing and trimming a large piece was challenging, and I really like how the glazes and stains came out.  The matte glaze and the iron oxide worked really well together.   

My concentration theme will be a ceramic dinner set. I would like to make something functional.  I have not decided exactly what I will do, but I would like to try and pick a general shape and make all of my pieces incorporate that shape.  




Kelsey Holden

I've always been interested in art, throughout my life I would always draw on anything and make pictures for my friends and family. I always took the art classes in my middle school, and did my own projects at home.

I've been at Baylor since freshman year (I am now a senior). And I decided to be in the art program to really sharpen my skills and knowledge of art as a whole. I wanted to be better at what I already loved to do.

My primary mediums at the moment are water color and graphite. I love watercolor because it has so much flow and freedom, and really connects to my pieces.

My favorite piece is probably a study of a bird that I did last year in graphite. It has three different angles on one canvas. For one I love animals, and also it really showed me how to pay attention to the details on the animals. I loved how precise I could make them.

My concentration is on the beauty of fish. I decided to this because I am a fisher. I love traveling and catching all kinds of fish, I paint fish I have caught. I like to portray the beauty of the fish I have caught.





Gabrielle Poteet

I've always found myself drawing on anything since as long as I can remember! Once I actually started taking "art" in middle school, and then more advanced classes at Baylor I began to grow my skill. 

I came to Baylor in 8th grade and took The art classes offered. I always saw the AP students work and aspired to have my own one day. 

I really use any medium except collage... I'm not good at collaging. My favorites are oil, oil pastel, graphite, and charcoal. I really cannot pick one. I like experimenting with them all and am still learning new things about each one. 

My favorite piece is a potted plant I did in Italy on the Liz Aplin Trip. It's in oil, very colorful, and the brush strokes are extremely strategic. I left it unfinished, which is my favorite part about it. I now leave many of my pieces unfinished. I also remember the trip and the beauty of Italy when I see this piece which adds to my love for it. 

My concentration theme this year is horses. I am doing them in a variety of mediums and sizes. With the larger pieces I try to convey the essence of being around a horse. With the others I explore movement and change, which I am also going through in my life right now getting ready for college. I have 3 horses of my own that I work off of, which makes it easier to connect with the subject matter.





Zoe Rye

I've been interested in art for as long as I can remember. My dad has always told me this story about me drawing a butterfly on a program during my Pre-K graduation, if that gives you an idea of how long I've been interested in art. Although I have always had a passion and love for art, I haven't always had the resources I do today. 

I came to Baylor in the beginning of my freshman year, but before I came, I went to a public school where there was little to no time or effort invested in the art program. Coming into Baylor, I knew there was a phenomenal art department and that's one of the reasons I chose to participate in it. I knew that I would get real and helpful insight from teachers and would learn on how to improve my work. 

My primary mediums are mostly dry mediums (graphite, charcoal, etc). In fact, before this year, I had only worked with dry mediums (with the exception of one small watercolor piece), which is kind of ironic considering the fact that I am doing my concentration with oil. I was always intimidated by paint because once it dries there's no turning back, and I feel like that's why I like dry mediums so much: the feeling that if I make a mistake I can correct it. 

My favorite piece I've created is actually in a student exhibit at the Knoxville Museum of Art at the moment! It was the first piece of my concentration and the first oil painting I had EVER done. Since I am such a perfectionist, I spent so much time on it—even coming into the studio for 7 1/2 hours one weekend. My life practically revolved around that painting while I was working on it, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. I think I have such a soft spot for the piece because I really put my heart and soul into it. 

My concentration is a series of close up self portraits based on the many pressures I have to deal with everyday—pressures put on me by society, my family, school, and even myself. I chose this theme and composition because I wanted people to see the not-so-pretty side of me, to see that they are not alone in their struggles and so they can use my paintings as a way to cope with the difficulties of their life as well.




Emma Campbell

 My grandmother loved to paint and when I was little and when I would spend the day with her, she let me use her oil paints. 

I came to Baylor in the 9th grade. I wanted to take art classes because I loved to draw and art classes were always my favorite at my old school. 

I love love love ballpoint pen. Any kind of ink is my favorite, but if I had to choose one medium to use for the rest of my life it would be ballpoint pen. I enjoy it because I really love emphasizing detail in my art and nothing lets you go in with as much detail as pen and ink. 

My favorite piece that I've done is drawing of two elephants that just sort of fade into the paper called "3 Tusks." I'm proud of it because it was the very first complex piece I've ever done and it was also how I figured out my love for ink.

My grandfather, who is also my personal hero, has gone on multiple mission trips to Africa. My concentration theme is drawings of the pictures he has taken on his time there. 





Claire Manning

My dad has always enjoyed photographing landscapes and nature, so I've had access to cameras from a young age. Obviously I wasn't taking great pictures when I was eight or ten, but I was able to get the feel of a camera and begin to realize what I like to take photos of. I have participated in lots of summer photography intensives over the years which have helped me learn more about how to take a good photo and also showed me how much I enjoyed photography.

I came to Baylor my sophomore year and took photography, there was no photo 200 class, so I took AP 2D Art so that I could keep working on my photos. 

For this course, I've been shooting digital photographs, I like digital because it's much easier to edit them in Lightroom or Photoshop after taking them than it is with film.

I think I like all of the work I've put together during this course (especially in my breadth) because I think it shows my versatility and shows different versions of my style

For my concentration I want to focus on creating soft and simple portraits and using mixed media to add constellations to the images to allude to time passing, change, and using the meaning behind the different zodiac signs to represent different parts of my personality. I want to create a visual representation of the feeling that occurs while being somewhere in between childhood and adulthood: there is confusion and beauty. You are figuring out who you are while trying to be the person that you've been told to be. I want to show the growth that has happened within myself after I realized different aspects about myself and the world around me, which is why I chose to use constellations because alone they're beautiful, but once all of the different parts of yourself come together, it creates something new and almost magical.