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Volume 52
Issue 2

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Book Reviews from the Baylor Book Club
Throughout the year, the members of the Baylor Book Club have dedicated themselves into intensive readings and the explorations of wisdoms. At the end of the semester, Elizabeth Hayslett, president of the Book Club, reviewed the books that left her with significant impressions and shared her experience with us.
By: Jeff VanderMeer
The first book in a Sci-Fi trilogy and a recent movie adaption, Annihilation follows a young biologist and her team as they head into a mysterious territory called Area X to discover the reason for its expansion, but every team that has been sent in went crazy or never returned. As the biologist’s team soon discovers, Area X is truly frightening, pushing the team to its mental and physical limits... An attention-grabber from the start, Annihilation incorporates gripping suspense with deep insights as the biologist reflects upon life and her past in an effort to understand what is going on in the present. This book has much more to offer than the movie and is a must-read for all science fiction fans.
Phantom of the Opera
By: Gaston LeRoux
For anyone who loves the musical Phantom of the Opera, this book is a must-read. The book focuses on the happenings at the Paris Opera House, which is haunted by a ghost. This ghost plagues the opera house owners and loves a young actress, who herself is harboring a secret lover. The book perfectly blends intrigue, adventure, and murder with beauty, love, and humor. While Phantom of the Opera is a classic, Leroux’s style is not nearly as challenging as other classic authors, aiding in comprehension and investment in the story. LeRoux writes truly beautiful proses, and this book flows between many genres.