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Volume 53
Issue 1

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Baylor Choreography Class Interview (Liz Li)

Interview with Liz Li

How did the class work together to choreograph pieces?

- An important part of this class is peer evaluation. During the development of a choreography, dancers would show their current work to each other to receive open feedbacks. For a special study - the chance dance that we performed at EMCO, we used the drawing methods to randomly decide the order and the stage positions.


How much was the teacher involved in the choreographic process?

- Mrs. Roemer is the idea-finder for all the choreographers. She brings new choreography challenges every 1.5 weeks-ish? eg. algorithmic choreography, rainbow study that focuses on the manifestation of colors, choreographic devices study (skill based), site study (learn to adapt to an outdoor location)...


How did the class choose concepts to work from?

- Ideas from Mrs. Roemer. In addition, we did a audio study and a lyric study which the students pick their own music and paragraphs for their themes. 


Were most dances movement based or concept based?

- Both are important since they're inseparable. When we give comments to each other, it's more skill-based. However, choreography itself must start from a concept. 


How was costuming decided?

- Not the focus of this class.