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Periaktoi's mission is to produce a journal of art and literature that reflects the diversity of experience and inspiring talent present in the Baylor community. Art and literature provide unique value to our community and serve as a vehicle for expressing the inexpressible, for exploring human experience in all its varied dimensions. In recognition of this value, Periaktoi seeks to promote access and expand interest in the arts at Baylor, while providing a forum for artists, musicians and writers to showcase their work to the broader community.

Visual Art, Writing, Music & More

Issue Archives

Volume 57
Issue 1

Team Periaktoi

Team Periaktoi Spring 23

Angela Yoon

Visual Art Editors
Reyna Park
Evelyn Stein

Writing Editor
Alisha Chandra

Media Editor
Julia Gardner

Advertising Editors
Theo Ryan
Mary Evelyn Pearce

Faculty Advisor
Mike Kelly

Contributors to this Issue

Bowen Allen
AC Arnold
Vivian Arnold
Jackson Babb
Abagail Bailey
Redding Batt
Emily Beardsley
Ellie Bickerstaff
Caitlyn Blaze
Dawson Bowers
Elizabeth Bruce
May Byrum
Lillian Catalanotto
Ellie Carico
Emery Carico
Anayna Chakraborty
Shiloh Chamberlain
Amanda Chen
Elena Clinkscales
Bruno Coscollola
Marley Degenhardt
Ryder Flaherty
James Ge
Gabby Goldstein
Pierce Grantham
Braxton Haberhern
James Hamm
Caleb Hampton
Josh Hampton
Grace Henderson
Kate Henry
Trinity Hinson
Reese Hullander
Amari Jefferson
Rhet Johnson
Rae Karimian
KD Kimrey
Sidney Kiner
Lucy Kitzman
Penelope Kwun
Charles Liu
Petra Lund
Wyatt Manner
Lea Masson
Meg McCallie
Vincent McClure
Owen McDaniel
Kimber McKenzie
Myers McLennan
Mac McMahon
Claire McOmie
Aiden McRorie
Mazie Mitchem
Aanika Mohammad
Nader Mohyuddin
Isabella Moore
Jack Murdock
Braylee Newell
E Ogorsolka
Riley Oleksik
Izzy Oliver
Krishna Patel
Mary Evelyn Pearce
Liv Peeker
Clara Pegues
Jackson Phillips
Marguerite Pippenger
Miller Robinson
Aiden Rose
Spencer Rushing
Calia Russell
Finn Ryan
Punch Sakulvongtana
Brycen Sanders
Oscar Scherer
Sydney Scoggins
Sergio Sergiyenko
Asher Skyles
Max Smith
Coco Song
Evelyn Stein
Lucy Sutter
Riley Swinford
Isabella Terc
Parker Tipps
Justin Todd
Jackson Toller
Christy Tomisek
Owen Trainor
Nyziah Whaley
Bella White
Carilyne Wyke
David Xu
Meya Yangzhen
William Yao
Peng Ye

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