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Baylor Lingo

Some terms on the schedule that may be unfamiliar:

Adviser – All Baylor students are assigned to an “adviser group” that meets on a regular basis.Their faculty adviser also meets with each student on a regular basis and is in regular communication with parents.

Chapel - Both Middle School and Upper School gather once a week for chapel, where they are fortunate to hear special guest speakers throughout the year.

Assembly – All Upper School students gather together as a group once a week for "assembly"; and Middle School students also gather once a week for "flex." Less formal than chapel, these gatherings are typically reserved for school-wide announcements by administrators, student announcements about various upcoming activities or information pertaining to clubs, senior speeches, etc.

"Extra Help" – This block of time is offered daily for all Baylor students. During Extra Help, teachers are available to meet with students to provide additional support for their class. Support can range from reinforcing a concept or skill to preparing for a test to help with homework. Parents are notified via email by teachers when a student attends extra help and whether this was voluntary or required by the teacher.

“Baylor Bucks” – Parent volunteers operate a Used Uniform store on campus at the Parry Center throughout the year. As your child outgrows his/her uniforms you will have the opportunity to donate these items and earn "Baylor Bucks" that you can then use at future sales.

The Baylor Backers - The Baylor Backers is a voluntary membership opportunity that helps provide additional financial and program support for Baylor's arts and athletic programs. Funds raised are directed to "non-budgeted" items that are considered necessary to enhance the student, fan, and audience experience. The Baylor Backers is not a substitute for the Annual Fund, as always, the Annual Fund comes first as the highest priority for giving to Baylor.