Adviser Program

Middle School

In addition to teaching, faculty members serve as advisers, providing a personal relationship for each child on a campus that already has so much to offer. Advisers meet with their advisees throughout the week and are in regular communication with parents through phone calls, emails and conferences. They also take advisees on occasional outings, giving an already close group opportunities to relax and socialize off campus.

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Upper School

The adviser role is essential to the health and well being of students, and caring for students is the top priority of the adviser program. An adviser has three primary roles:academic monitor, advocate and facilitator.The adviser is also the point person for parents.

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Boarding Program

The advising program in the boarding community focuses on the social and emotional development of every boarding student. Each dorm parent has between 4 and 7 advisees they will be specifically watching over and caring for throughout the year.

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Well-developed relationships are the key to a productive community and the adviser program is one of the primary ways to track and to meet those needs.