COVID-19 Updates

Red Raider Reopening

When Baylor students and faculty returned to campus for classes in August 2020, we did so with the pledge to continue delivering the high-quality academics that Baylor is known for, to create a close community experience, and to ensure the greatest health and safety of all the members of our community. As we enter 2021 and the second half of the school calendar, we continue to reiterate the critical importance of everyone in our school family to continue practicing the health protocols that will help keep us safe.

Testing On Campus is ongoing

Baylor is uniquely positioned with the ability to provide rapid turnaround COVID-19 testing and antibody testing on campus for all students and employees. The past four months have been an extraordinary demonstration of our resolve as a campus community to convene school safely. Despite local trends, Baylor’s COVID-19 positivity rates remain remarkably low thanks to our ongoing surveillance testing. Our testing protocols allow for us to isolate anyone who tests positive, and quarantine any potential close contacts under guidance from the Hamilton County Healthy Department. To date, these protocols have allowed us to remain in school and on campus.

Staying Current on Developments in myBaylor platform

We will continue to use myBaylor for updates for parents and students. This will continue as the primary communication platforms with Baylor families on COVID-19. It is critically important that parents partner with us in ensuring that you are using myBaylor and have your notifications turned on. Click here for simple instructions.