Baylor Fund Phonathon Participation Winners Get Doughnuts!!

As promised, the Middle School's Dukes of Heywood spirit team (pictured above) and the Upper School's junior class (below) were treated to doughnut parties on Thursday, Oct. 17 and Friday, Oct. 18 for having the most parent participation during the Parent Phonathon on Sept. 29. The phonathon raised approximately $70,000 for The Baylor Fund.

Our goal this year is 100% parent participation so, no matter the dollar amount, EVERY gift is important.

  • 6th grade – 63%
  • 7th grade – 64%
  • 8th grade – 54%
  • 9th grade – 51%
  • 10th grade – 48%
  • 11th grade – 56%
  • 12th grade – 51%

As always, we are grateful to all the parents who have supported The Baylor Fund to date. If you have not given yet, please consider making your gift or pledge today! 

GIVE NOW or make a PLEDGE!

We appreciate your time and support – GO BIG RED!

Katie and Philip Byrum’91 Middle School Baylor Fund Parent Chairs

Allison ’90 and Marc Cromie Upper School Baylor Fund Chairs

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