iPad FAQs

Which ipad should we purchase?
The iPad is available in a variety of prices and configurations. The 32 GB, Wi-Fi only models, the least expensive option, are fully capable of handling students’ academic requirements. While the 32 GB model is sufficient for their academic work, students will be somewhat limited in storing other multimedia on the device; this includes videos, music, and pictures. For students who anticipate the need to have access to these types of media, a higher capacity model of the iPad should be purchased. The iPad Pro models are a more expensive option but the increased capabilities are not a requirement for academic uses. The original iPad (iPad 1 or 2) or iPad Mini (any version) are not acceptable models for use at school.

Can students opt out of using the ipad?
Baylor is committed to using the iPad to supplement and enhance the traditional classroom experience, and each student is required to have an iPad for class.

When will students learn how the ipads are used in classrooms and what is expected of them?
The first week of school is spent getting students oriented in their classes, which includes what Apps the teachers use, how to upload assignments, taking notes, organizing their work electronically, and more. It’s no surprise that students catch on to the technology extremely quickly, but teachers are very aware of the need to make sure all of their students are comfortable using the technology.

Will my student still need a computer even if he/she has an ipad?
It is important to note that the iPad is not a replacement for a computer. Baylor still provides access to computers on campus to support specific programs. Students may feel more comfortable completing some assignments off campus on a computer. The iPad requires the use of the iTunes program, which is a free download available for both PC and Mac


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