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Thank you!

Congratulations on becoming a Baylor Backer. Once your order is processed you will receive your membership packet in the mail. Thank you for your support!

Baylor Backers Make a Difference

In the past six years, the Baylor Backers have raised $1,204,631 in additional support for arts and athletic programs. Some recent gifts include:

  • Track Starting Blocks
  • Mowers for Soccer/Baseball Fields
  • Crew Equipment
  • Felting Workshop
  • French Horn & Saxophone
  • Figure Drawing Workshop
  • Keyboard and Amp for Musical
  • Volleyball Equipment
  • Softball Equipment
  • Soccer Equipment
  • Baseball Fence ….and more!

If Your have any QUESTIONS

Please contact:
Tracy and Todd Tindall ’80, Baylor Backers Chairs at or

Julie Garrett, Parent Alliance President at email Julie