22-23 Baylor Backers Members

(as of October 12, 2022)


Rachel Adams '04 and Marcus Lyons
Kelly and Ted Alling
Rebeca and John Allred
Peggy and Chris Angel '89
Emily and Clint Bagley
Tattie and Dave Bailey
Greg Bankston
Rowena and John Barker '86
Lori and Bret Barton
Tyler Barton
Sue and Julian Bell '81
Holly and Shawn Benton
Laura and John Beyer
Christiane Maisch and Krish Bhadra
Bo Bishop
Michelle and Dalton Blevins
Nicki and Matt Brock '91
Jennifer and Jason Brooks
Zane Brown
Julie and Jeremy Bruce
Sarah and Ed Buiel
Bailey and Jonathan Bullard '02
Dawn and Bob Bullard '81
Alicia and Trey Carico '91
Sherri and Jeff Carmichael '80
Margaret Jan and Alex Chi
Amee and Brandon Combs
Boofie and Ryan Crimmins '78
Susan and Chris Crimmins '80
Allison Edgmon Cromie '90 and Marc Cromie
Brooke and Davey Daniel
Camille and John Arthur Daniel '89
Ashley and Ward Davenport IV '97
Lynn and Happy Dicks '65
Christie Dillard '97
Pat and Ralph Doering
Meagan and Tyler Duke
Caroline and Jay Ezelle
Jessica and Ben Fischer '85
Celia and George Fontaine '72
Lindsey and Jonathan Frost '01
Lisa and Steve Frost
Jennifer and Eric Fuller
Sarah and Josh Green
Ashley and Justin Guthrie '96
Elizabeth and Heath Haley
Maryline and David Hartman
Karen and Brian Hood
Cindy and Chip Howalt '85
Sam and Jimmy Hudson '75
Patti and Bill Ireland '75
Anne-Marie and Jay Jolley '90
Jeanie Jung and David Harris
Shaun Kesler
Ashley and David Kinzler
Ashley and Andrew Ladebauche
Marylee and Barry Large
Reese and Matt Lewis '74
Bill Lusk
Kathie and Scott Manning
Jenny and Miles Marks '86
Tabatha and John Mauldin
Pam and Rick McKenney
Sarah Colmore McKenzie '88 and Thorpe McKenzie '65
Jerry Mitchell '65
Ellen and Chris Moore '68
Mary Morrison
Carol and Will Muschamp
Tracy and Rob Noland
Alice and Billy Oehmig '67
Kovianca and David Pakis
Cory and Todd Phillips
Betty Probasco
Susan and Ben Probasco '78
Claudia and Bill Pullen '92
Lucy and Stuart Rymer
Jody Shea
Abby and John Sikes
Beth and Jamie Simpson
Steve Smalling '78
Ashley and Parag Soni
Ashley and John Sorrow '85
Brook and Jason Soss '97
Laura and Card Steele '89
Carol and Riggs Stephenson '79
Sarah and Adam Stidham
Julie and Patrick Stowe
Merica and Jake Stum
Debbie and Chris Sugden
Missy and Roger Talley
Shannon and Eric Taslimi
Ginger and Gabe Thomas
Jim Vaughn
Tracy and Terrance Wood
Piper and Bob Worthington '74


Deena and Wesam Alani
Delicia and John Arnold
Kelly and Justin Arnold
Stacey and Pearson Beardsley
Shell and Reab Berry
Tamara Pulliam-Blankenship and David Blankenship
Carley Boehm
Alexis Guerry Bogo '89 and Barry Bogo '85
Anne and Patrick Bradshaw
Tammie Butts
Ashleigh and Jacob Cain
Sarah and Jonathan Cantrell
Trinity and Nick Chuba
Kimberly and Chad Copeland
Tonia and Will Cox
Kay and Christian Culbreath
Chris Curtis '89
Kelly Reisman Drayer '89 and Whitney Drayer
Carrie and Lee Edwards
Jamey and Brian Elrod
Julie and Carter Garrett
Cruz and Jay Goldstein
Julie and Zan Guerry '67
Kellie and Andrew Guth
Andee and Jonathan Guthrie '92
Cole and Mindy Guthrie
Amy Frost Haddock '97 and John Haddock '97
Emily and Nic Hanson
Ashley Harmon
Jan and Carl Hartley
Elizabeth and Daniel Hartmann
Takisha and Mario Haynie
Ashley Phlegar Henry '96 and Cliff Henry
Mandy and Alan Hensley
Jennifer and Jeramie Hoff
Susan and Doug Jaquith
Rachel and Mory Karimian
Mikaya Reynolds Knight '13 and Jordan Knight
Angela and Jeff Kopet
David Kwun
Catherine and Pat Lawless '93
Marcia MacArthur
Heather and Glenn Mahan
Melissa and Kevin Manner
Amanda and Roy Maybank
Mark McOmie
Tamra and Tim Morgan
Camila and Drew Neslin
Taylor and Brandon Olinger
Parul and Mitch Patel
Reshma and Hiten Patel
Lisa Hart-Patton and Rodney Patton
Barbara and Oliver Perdomo
Jane and James Pratt
Sheng Gao and Albert Pruenster
Tiffany and Steve Quarfordt
Betsy and Ryan Ranalli
Beth Felts Randall '04 and Ken Randall
Sally Willingham Ratterman '04 and Stephen Ratterman
Natalie and Will Reisman '93
Ali and Jay Robinson
Barbara and Matt Royal
Allie and Gary Sanders
Lucy and Daniel Sawrie '91
Becky and Cam Scearce
Lesley and Daniel Scearce '93
Shannon and Ballard Scearce '89
Holly and Skip Schwartz '91
Heather and Scott Scoggins
Claudia and Harold Stowe
Kristen and Robert Sumner
Ashleigh and David Swinford
Tina and Bryan Vance
Allison and Scott Watson-Brown
Angela and Lathan Whited
Ayana and Bill Winchester '94
Whitney and Jonathan Witt




Becky and James Actkinson
Lori and Doug Adair
Ann and Billy Aiken '68
Cory and Evan Allison
Lois Ann Alverson
Misa and Charley Ankar
Jane and Patrick Atkerson
Penny Murray-Au and Mitch Au
Shelly and Tony Avitabile
Hope and Blythe Bailey
Mary and David Barker '90
Madeline and Robert Belcher
Jennifer and Todd Bell '86
Katherine and Chris Berdy
Ouida and Vince Bianco
Cindy and Bob Birchell
Emily and Kelly Boggs
Cam and Brandon Born
Mary and Bobby Bowling
Ufuk and Durul Bozbey
Vonda and Tom Brazier
Deana and Louis Brody
Barbara and Harrison Brown '59
Tara Brown
Tressie and Jimmy Bryson
Cyndi and Mike Burge
Lea and Ben Caplenor
Laura and Lew Card
Tamra and Vince Carelli
Laura and Brando Catalanotto
Laura and Chris Cates
Megan and Timothy Chatard
Michelle and Hitesh Chavda
Jennifer Flanagan Cole '05 and Chase Cole
Susan Collins
Amy and Tres Courdin
Jim Coyle
Tammy and Robbie Creswell
Carrie Regan and John Dandelski
Allison and Ben Dart
McCall Morgan DeVaney '14 and Frazier DeVaney
Melissa and Kevin Dillmon
Alison and John Dorough
Alyssa and Shawn Douglass
Laura and Luke Dutton
Kristi and Brad Emendorfer
Maggie and Alex Estes '00
Heather and Kevin Etzler
Natalie and Steve Faulkner
Ashley and Shane Ferguson
Margaret and Scott Ferguson '75
Lori and Douglas Finlay
Kathy and Dante Fiorini
Emery and Chuck Fisher
Heather and Steve Flaherty
Lynne and Marco Forato
Kami and Carter Fowler '93
Clayton and Kate Fuller
Jacquell and Tracy Gartman
Lucy and Billy Gates
Andrea and Brett Gerwin
Tiffany and Stephen Godbehere
Kelly and Matthew Good
Jemma Harvey-Greenfeld and Steve Greenfeld
Kristen and Heath Grisham
Heather and Lance Haberhern
Susie and David Haddock
Beth and Barry Hamilton '96
Sherry and Steve Hankins
Katherine and Jim Hansen
Kristen and Tim Hardy
Sharon Harrison
Janet and Ricky Hartman '87
Heather and Todd Hatfield
Angela and Harris Hawk
Marnie and Carter Hemphill
Catherine and Tommy Henderson
Laura and Jared Hensley
Mandy and JD Hickey
Liz Hickman
Kelley and Cal Hill
Dottie Hodges and Hal Turner
Erin and Jason Hogue '93
Julie and Bryan Hogue '95
Krista and Tad Holtzclaw
Lucia Parker Hopper '90 and Tommy Hopper '84
Emily Stuart Horn '95 and Daniel Horn
Alissa Craft Hudson '94 and Phillip Hudson
Sarah and Mark Huffines
Jenny and Matt Hullander
Robin and Adam Hunsucker
Heather Monson-James and Marcus James
Kaki Brown Jenkins '02 and Jay Jenkins '98
Christine and Craig Johnson
Kim and Brent Johnson
Mary Morgan-Kelley and Danny Kelley
Barbara and Jim Kennedy
Dan Kennedy
Laura and Michael Ketcham
Yasmine Kangles Key '99 and Jason Key
Bill and Mary Kilbride
Lacy and Steven Kinney
Katie Henley Kiser '07 and Tim Kiser '04
Sarah and Robert Lail
Julie and Gregory Lance
Telky Lanza Murphy '94 and Pete Murphy
Michelle and Ian Leavy
Marcy Ledford
Kristin Levering
Amy and Kevin Listen
Bobbi and Bruce Lussier
Nicolle and Jerry Lydon
Krista and Mike Manning
Schuyler and Tim Manson '04
Christy Fogo Martin '01 and John Martin
Karey Haisten-Matlock and Beau Matlock
Tammi and Eston Mayberry
Lisa and Scottie Mayfield '68
Christy and Todd McCain
Nicolle and Scott McCoy
Rebecca and Mike McCracken
Marla and Andy McDaniel '94
Evelyn and Jem McGahey '77
Windie and Hastings McGinness
Sheila and David McGinnis
Mandy and Chris McKnight
Erin Medley and Katie Lunn Medley '94
Holly and Justin Metcalf
Jill and John Metcalf
Petrise and Deon Miles
Sarah and Kevin Milz
Shannon and Dan Minninger
Patrick and Catherine Minor
Gina Mitch
Tim Mitch
Sandy and John Mitchum '87
Betsy and Chad Mize
Heather Biebel and William Montgomery '92
Brooke and Andy Moore '92
Jennifer and Joel Moore
Tracy and Matthew Moore
Diane and Jim Morrison
Elizabeth and Darren Moyer
Katie Cope Murchison '95 and Blake Murchison
Susannah and Mike Murdock '83
Debbie Myers
Aimee and Matt Nall
Mary Jenkins O'Kelley '94 and Jamie O'Kelley '93
Rachel and George Oleksik
Terry and Miao-Ju Olsen
Lori Proctor and Michael Osborne
Courtney and Jason Painter
Eden and Jason Parker
Laura and David Paschall
Shailesh Patel
Erika and Charles Phillips
Gilchrist and John Phillips
Holly Phillips
Ashleigh Dawkins Pipes '94 and Ben Pipes
Paula and Tom Potter
Kara and Mark Price
Qian Zhu and Randy Pullen '95
Leanne and Bob Raber
Claudia and Jay Rands
Jennifer and John Raulet
Ryan Ray
Kelly and Ben Reese
Bitsy and Ron Renegar
Margarita and Scott Renegar
Kymberly and Donn Restelli
Carrie and Gene Rice
Jennifer and Travis Richards
Bill Riheldaffer '78
Jasmin and Erik Rippon
Elizabeth Smith Ritter '96 and Bill Ritter
Mary Catherine and Gene Robbins '95
Tracy and Henry Rolleston
Christin and Richard Rose
Michelle Rose
Amanda Rose
Mitzi and Scott Ruth '83
Jack Sample '63
Delise and Richard Sanders
Abby Sanders '10
Sue and Steve Sawrie '59
Yvette Burns and Brian Schenck '91
Phynessa McCurry Sewell '97 and Stan Sewell
Katina and Steve Sharp
Jamee and Cory Sharpe
Belinda Shirkey
Maggie and Patrick Shutters
Chilton and Heath Simmons
Greg Simmons '78
Wes Skiles
Darlys Smith
Kelli Howard Smith '95 and Craig Smith
Margaret and Geoff Smith
Camille and Yale Sommer
Heather and Derrall Stalvey
Ellen Standefer
Diana and Dan Stefaniuk
Jenny Yates Stickley '90 and Rob Stickley
David Sutton '62
Miller and Jake Tallent '99
Lauren and Todd Tessier
Rekha Kurien Thomas '94 and Jake Thomas
Ramona and Robert Thompson
Lia and Jeff Tipps '87
Molly Hobbs Trainor '96 and Chris Trainor '96
Emmie and Ty Treadwell
Tammy and Dale Tuder '93
Kacie and Dan Tym '95
Julie and Kelly Von Canon '89
Jane and Steven Warren
Constance and Wilbert Washington
Nicole and Bo Watson '79
Celeste and Andy Weaver
Beth Flanagan Webb '99 and Brian Webb
Whitney and Jason Webb
Mary and Mitchell Webster
Caroline and Nelson Williams
Susan and Scott Wilson '75
Rebecca and Jay Woods '92
Carol and Daniel Yim
Jodi and Josh Yother '92
Jennifer and Chris Young '85


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Cory and Todd Phillips

Ramona Glascock
Staff Liaison