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Middle School Pilots Cultural Ambassador Program
Eddie Davis

The Middle School welcomed three eighth grade students from Guatemala who attended classes and participated in afternoon sports at Baylor from Oct. 20-Dec. 15.

(Pictured left to right) María Guadalupe Fernández Porras, Sebastian Magermans, and Valeria De Dios stayed with host families Cory and Evan Allison (Lillis ’25 and Spratt ’22), the Anne Hayes and Lee Pearce family (Mary Evelyn ’24 and Peyson ’21), and the Sherry and Stephan Hankins family (Natalie ’24 and Olivia ’22).

The program is managed by Neil Hetrick, who teaches German in the Middle School and serves as the first Global Education Coordinator for the Middle School. The goal is to encourage students to enhance their cross-cultural understanding and awareness of global issues through connections and experiential learning opportunities with domestic and international partners.

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