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Bill Curry Keynotes John Roy Baylor Day
Eddie Davis

Former NFL player, college coach, author, and motivational speaker Bill Curry was the keynote speaker for the annual John Roy Baylor Day celebration in January.

View the video below.

Speaking to the full student body, Curry referenced Dr. Baylor’s final message to his students in 1926 “to live a life of magnanimitas,” which translated from Latin means ‘greatness of spirit.’ “If you can live in the moment and capture what you are being offered here,” Curry said, “your life will never be the same. You will be a leader at whatever you choose to lead. You will have magnanimitas captured in your soul.”

“The essence of Dr. Baylor’s message as I understand it to be is this,” Curry continued. “You may become a great philosopher; you may be a great leader; you may be a wonderful mother, father, coach, mentor; you may have tremendous success as a philanthropist. But you will never be the creation that your creator made you to be until you locate your magnanimitas, your greatness of spirit, develop it, and give it to a cause greater than yourself.”

Pictured are (left to right): Curry, seniors Lea Hunter and Connor Duffy, Headmaster Scott Wilson '75, and Takisha Haynie, associate director of residential life.

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