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Leading in a Multilingual and Multicultural World
Barbara Kennedy

Baylor’s World Languages department prepares students by offering the broadest language choices of any area school, a variety of experiences for language use outside the classroom, annual international travel experiences, and exchanges.

In addition, some Upper School students set their sights on graduating with the distinction of a Global Scholar by studying world languages, choosing globally focused courses, taking advantage of a diverse menu of travel opportunities, creating a digital portfolio, and completing a global capstone project.

“In our increasingly interconnected world, it is more important than ever that we prepare our students to be educated and empathetic citizens, capable of communicating outside the anglophone world,” says world languages department chair Ruth Ann Graham. “Baylor is an exceptional place to foster these skills, as we welcome boarders from a dozen different home countries each year.”


The following alumni have continued their passion for language beyond their undergraduate studies. Not on the list? Update your information by contacting Scotty Smith ’89, director of alumni engagement, at (423) 267-8506, ext. 306 or

Kylie McCardel ’15, studied French and German at Baylor; currently in Prague studying international law, learning Czech, and has studied Italian as well. She also gave daily tours speaking French and is doing freelance work from English to French.

Cheyanne Leonardo ’13, studied French at Baylor; is fluent in German and French and is currently teaching English in Stuttgart, Germany, while earning a graduate degree in foreign language and literature from the University of Tennessee.

C.J. Enloe ’09, studied Spanish at Baylor; after graduating from MIT with a degree in engineering, she is now pursuing a Ph.D. from Duke University in Hispanic Languages and Literatures.

Geoff Millener ’07, studied Spanish at Baylor; after earning a degree from Amherst with a double Spanish/English major, he became involved with Tech Goes Home, a program that helps to supply affordable technology connections for lower income families here in Chattanooga, including Spanish-speaking families.

Timothy Shober ’11, studied Spanish at Baylor; serves as the communications and outreach coordinator at Latino Community Credit Union in Raleigh-Durham, N.C.

Sarah Cate Patten-Scaduto ’05, studied Latin at Baylor before studying abroad in Italy; is CEO of Sicily South, where she plans and leads small group trips to Sicily.

Noah Soltau ’03, studied German at Baylor; teaches linguistics and German at Carson Newman College.

Ashley McLeod Shuford ’00 and Robin Fazio ’92, studied Spanish at Baylor; current faculty members. Shuford teaches seventh grade Spanish, Spanish 350, and AP Spanish Literature. Fazio teaches Spanish 400.

Chris Cudabac ’92 and Jason Jones ’95, both studied Latin at Baylor and now teach it at the high school level.


Each year, Baylor faculty from several departments and program directors lead a variety of international trips for Upper School students, and the list is expanding to include more trips for students in the Middle School. Additionally, sophomores may opt to participate in cultural or language immersion exchange programs.


Community Service Trip to Jamaica
Elin Bunch ’09, Community Service Director

AP German Trip to Germany and Austria
Chiann Tsui, German instructor

Walkabout Kayaking in India
Tim Williams, assistant director of Walkabout

Middle School Trip to Costa Rica
Jan Gautier, Middle School science instructor

Service Trip to Guatemala
Eli Anderson-Barrera, Spanish instructor


Seeking the Sublime in Switzerland
(with further study of Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein)
Melissa Pojasek and Emily McArthur, English instructors

Liz Aplin Art Trip to Italy
Heath Montgomery ’99, Fine Arts instructor

Arts and Culture Tour of Montreal and Toronto
Chris Watkins, English instructor

Language Immersion in Spain
Eli Anderson-Barrera, Spanish instructor

Middle School Civics Trip to Germany
Neil Hetrick, Middle School German instructor
Alan Wong, Middle School social studies instructor

Middle School Trip to London
Kristin Vines, Middle School Latin instructor

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