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Class of 1971 to Celebrate 50th Reunion
Eddie Davis

In the 1971 yearbook, two pages are dedicated to commemorating the dropping of Baylor’s military program with the headline: “MILITARY ENDS AFTER FIFTY-FOUR YEARS.”

The issue of dropping the military was not without controversy and was a momentous time in the school’s history. No doubt that will be a point of conversation when the Class of 1971 gathers this fall for their 50th reunion on Saturday, Oct. 2. They may also reminisce about Coach Red Etter, who would eventually become a football coaching legend, or the reasoning behind Baylor leaving the old Mid-South conference to enter the newly created TSSAA. They may recall driving by the construction site of Heywood Stadium and a new track or walking past the construction of a new addition to Lupton Hall. If they really start digging, they may remember that a tape cassette recorder cost about $30, and they could fill the tank of a Datsun 1200 Sports Coupe that cost about $1,800 bucks with gas that cost 40 cents a gallon. If they were boarding students, they might recall not only writing and sending a letter in the mail to their parents, but licking a stamp that cost just eight cents.

Whatever your memories are of your years at Baylor, if you are a member of the Class of 1971, we hope that you will return to campus to connect and catch up with classmates!

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