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Final Thoughts

Eddie Davis

We asked members of the Baylor community, "In what way(s) do you feel our community has taken the school motto, Amat Victoria Curam or Victory Loves Care, to heart this fall?"

Baylor’s fight to test for COVID proves that we care.
EDDIE ETTER, Administrative Assistant/Athletics

The nurses and staff of the health center are my heroes. They have kept us safe, calm, and informed while working long hours under stressful conditions. I feel truly indebted to them for the ability to safely live and work on campus this year.
ROBIN FAZIO ’92, World Languages Instructor

Baylor cannot control what its community members do when they walk outside the gates, but it is doing everything in its power to help us be responsible and to care for others while we are inside the gates.
- JUDY MILLENER, World Languages Instructor

Our motto, Amat Victoria Curam, is exceptionally demonstrated by our Health Center staff. Led by Mary Catherine Robbins, the Health Center provides excellent care, including (but not limited to) guiding us through testing protocols, soothing myriad worries, educating us about changing pandemic realities. Every day. All hours. Since early 2020. Most impressively, and much appreciated, is the deep kindness they embody amidst this time.
- BECKY WILLIAMS, Counseling

This semester, Baylor’s students have demonstrated more care than any group of young people I’ve had the privilege of interacting with during my tenure. Despite not being able to fully experience the school in the way to which they’re accustomed, the students, especially the seniors, have made the most of learning from, loving, and supporting each other.
- CHRIS WATKINS, English Instructor

Every student in Baylor’s bands has taken care this semester. They have followed strict guidelines for the playing of wind instruments, braved the beating sun, freezing cold, and gusty wind, and moved equipment back and forth every day. They take such care during every class in order to create and engage with music. After a spring spent apart, making music together is victory indeed!
- MAE WEISS, Fine Arts Instructor

The heretofore simple task of entering a classroom and sitting in desks requires a lot more “curam” this year than in previous ones! We demonstrate our care for our students by respecting our school protocols for sanitization and distancing, ensuring that we’ve been able to remain on-campus and mostly together thus far this school year.
RUTH ANN GRAHAM, World Languages Instructor

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