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A Lifetime of Service
Eddie Davis

Positioning teams to get the best out of athletes, spending untold hours helping with research and information, fine-tuning words and phrases into the perfect prayer, and being a nearly constant presence for students – these are all known and visible talents of retirees Scott Wilson ’75, Rev. Dan Scott, Bill McMahan ’67, and Carl Owens ’74. Less known, and often unseen, were the sacrifices they made to be the best that they could be in a lifetime of service that exemplifies magnanimitas for us all.

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Pursuing Passions
Eddie Davis

From astrophysics to ornithology, Baylor students have a proclivity to pursue their passions. Read why Niko Blanks ’17 is on a mission, how Zoë Hardnett ’21 made at-home learning meaningful through Baylor Research, and what made Niko Simpkins ’18 decide on dual engineering degrees. Adelle Pritchard ’22 found the perfect ingredients for creating something special, Lucia Jackson ’20 set her sights on the sea, and Luke Thompson ’24 has his eyes on the skies.

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