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Eddie Davis

As part of Baylor’s re-accreditation work through the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS), Dean of Faculty William Montgomery ’92 led a committee of more than 30 faculty and staff to develop a “Portrait of a Graduate.” This portrait captures the characteristics and skills that should be possessed by a Baylor School student upon graduation.

The self-study group identified magnanimitas (Latin for greatness of spirit) as the quality that Baylor cultivates and fosters – the quality its graduates carry with them into the world beyond the school’s gates.

The committee then undertook the challenge of identifying five individual “habits of being” that together create magnanimitas. The result is the committee’s framework for the “Portrait of a Graduate,” as illustrated in the preceding graphic.

Below, you'll meet five members of the Class of 2023 who exemplify the five fundamental habits of being as defined by Baylor’s “Portrait of a Graduate."

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Volume 35
Issue 2
Issue 2

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Masthead Summer 2023

Cover photo by Molly Glascock Smith '12

Barbara Kennedy
Sue Ramsey
Rachel Schulson

Angela Rich

Chris Angel '89
Eddie Davis
Barbara Kennedy
Rachel Schulson

Peggy Angel
Natalee Oldham Hindman ’10
Barbara Kennedy
Donna Marie Siegel ’14
Molly Glascock Smith ’12
Daniel Stefaniuk

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President and Head of School
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