Lew Oehmig '35 Scholarship Announced at Baylor's Annual Scholarship Dinner
Lew Oehmig '35 Scholarship Announced at Baylor's Annual Scholarship Dinner
Pictured left to right (back) Lewis Oehmig '01, Matt Oehmig '02, Brit Oehmig '66, William Oehmig '04, and Henry Oehmig '99; (front) Margy Oehmig, Ruth Oehmig, Zeen Oehmig '07, and John Oehmig '00.

A new scholarship named in honor of the legacy and memory of the late Lew Oehmig '35 was announced at Baylor School's annual scholarship dinner on March 1.

"The Oehmig Family is truly one of Chattanooga's and Baylor's legacy families," said Baylor headmaster Scott Wilson.   "I am proud to announce that the Oehmig family has made another enduring contribution to Baylor by establishing a new scholarship to honor the memory of a true Baylor gentleman, Mr. Lew Oehmig and his family."

The new Lew Oehmig Family Scholarship is now one of three need-based scholarships named for members of the Oehmig family.  In 2017, a scholarship was announced in honor of the late King Oehmig '69, who was Baylor's head golf coach from 1997-2008.  In 2002, a scholarship was named in honor of Will Oehmig IV '75, who passed away in 1977.

Jack Studer '01 was the featured keynote speaker at the event, which honored Baylor's Distinguished Scholarship Program recipients, need-based scholarship recipients, and the donors who make the awards possible.  The 220 guests included former faculty, scholarship recipients, parents, donors, and trustees who came together to celebrate the opportunity to attend Baylor.

Studer is a graduate of Princeton University and currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Erlanger Health Systems, and has been a general partner of the Chattanooga Renaissance Fund for the past seven years.  He was a partner and founder of the venture incubator Lamp Post Group, and served for one year as director of CoLab, a nonprofit organization that supports entrepreneurial growth in southeast Tennessee. 

To view a video Studer's address, click here.

Pictured left to right Nerren Pratt '01, Victoria Pratt, Jack Studer '01 and Caitlin Studer.

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