Class of 2025 Joins Baylor Community
Class of 2025 Joins Baylor Community

Baylor welcomed 1,083 students back to school on Wednesday at the annual convocation day celebration, which also marked the first day of classes for the 2018-19 school year and the first day of attending Baylor for 109 new sixth graders in the Class of 2025.

This year's student body includes 333 middle school students and 750 upper school students, and our 195 boarding students come to us from 23 states and 14 countries. 

As Baylor celebrates its 125th year it is also fitting to note that it is the school of choice for multiple generations.  This year we welcome 216 legacies, including 28 third generation students, 12 fourth generation students, and three fifth generation students.

Baylor's day students in both the middle school and upper school arrived after attending 154 schools and nine who were homeschooled.  Boarding students entering grades 9-12 arrived from 167 schools from across the U.S. and throughout the world.

(photo shows Jan Gautier's new sixth grade adviser group)

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