Baylor Students Observe Once-in-a-Lifetime Eclipse
Baylor Students Observe Once-in-a-Lifetime Eclipse

Baylor students took a brief respite from ordinary classes to observe the total eclipse of the sun, a once-in-a-lifetime event, on August 21. The Chattanooga area was very near the path of totality, with 99.5% complete coverage.

The day began with AP Physics teacher Jesse Young speaking in chapel, offering an in-depth explanation of the phenomenon along with some history and myths involved with eclipses and giving instructions for safely viewing the event. Solar viewing glasses, a set for each member of the Baylor community, were distributed in the chapel after Mr. Young's talk.

Classes were dismissed at 2:00 p.m. and the entire school assembled on Rike Field to view the eclipse. Several oohs and aahs made their way through the crowd when the eclipse was at its darkest, dark enough for the street lamps surrounding Rike Field to come on automatically.

As the sun slowly began to reappear, students returned to their final class of the day and usual afternoon activities.

To view a podcast of Jesse Young's chapel presentation, click here.

For a gallery of photos from the event, click here.

Jesse Young speaks in chapel

Students check out the glasses as they are distributed in chapel

Students gather on Rike Field to view the eclipse

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