Baylor Celebrates 25th Annual MLK "Day On"
Baylor Celebrates 25th Annual MLK "Day On"

On Monday, Jan. 21, Baylor School marked a silver anniversary as students and faculty observed the 2019 Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday by celebrating the school's 25th annual "day on" with educational workshops and service work on campus and other serving opportunities throughout the Chattanooga.

Highlights of the day included:

  • A keynote speech by Baylor's Director of Inclusivity Tawambi Settles.
  • Over 300 juniors, seniors, teachers, coaches, and advisors braved sub-freezing temperatures to volunteer at Battery Heights, the Chattanooga Zoo, the Community Kitchen, Crabtree Farms, Girls Leadership Academy, Glass Street Trails, the National Humane Society, Bethlehem Center, Memorial Hospital, the North Chickamauga Creek Conservancy, the Pet Placement Center, Pleasant Gardens Cemetery, Red Bank Life Care Nursing Home, Wildtrails, Clinica Medicos, Helping Hands, and the YMCA's YCAP program.
  • Back on Baylor's campus, students cared for young children of Baylor faculty members, helped the Baylor dining hall staff, and caught up on some chores at the Baylor organic garden.
  • Also on campus, students in grades 6-10 participated in a variety of activities that focused on the work of Dr. King, the Civil Rights movement, and tolerance in today's culture.

For a video of Mr. Settles' talk, click here.

For photos of the day's events, click here.


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