New Email and Communication System for Baylor
New Email and Communication System for Baylor

We are excited to announce a new communication platform that will be utilized across the school starting July 1, 2017.

Known as "myBaylor," it will provide important insights into upcoming assignments, and real-time access on student schedules, afternoon activities, calendars and other useful information in a mobile friendly format.

Because it will replace Moodle for academic course content, Netclassroom for grades and schedules, the Baylor website for community directories, and Firstclass for individual and group email communication – you will now enjoy a single login for all information related to Baylor.

Since this tool will be used for communication with our families, Baylor will no longer be providing family email accounts. Instead, you will be able to opt in and personalize your myBaylor account to receive email or text notifications, such as athletic game time changes, academic assignment added, news items or announcements posted to a parent groups (i.e. Parents Class of 2018).

Getting Started with MyBaylor
Because we are transitioning into this new system at the end of the academic year, there is not a great deal of content to view at this time. However, you may login to the portal using the username and password that you currently use for NetClassroom:

Effective July 2017

  • In the coming weeks, families will receive an email with all of the individual username and password combinations that we currently have on file. This will allow you to change your password according to your preference and to begin configuring the notifications in myBaylor that best work for you personally or for your family.
  • Additional information will be following in the coming months, including usernames and passwords for other adults in a household and instructions on configuring notifications, adding emergency contacts, and other portal settings.
  • All existing parent email accounts will be disabled and deleted. Due to the elimination of email addresses for families should take a few minutes to visit both the FACTS and SchoolAdmin portals and ensure that the email on record for your accounts is not your Baylor School email address.
  • Teachers and students will continue to be issued and use Baylor email accounts.
  • After logging in the first time, individuals will be able to choose their own username and password. Password resets can be requested via the portal or by contacting the Baylor Technology Help Desk.

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