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Upper School Awards Day 2020

Baylor celebrated the annual Awards Day tradition with a virtual ceremony presented on May 22. Watch the video below to hear the honorees. Read further for more Awards Day information.

Outstanding Student Leaders Honored

Baylor honored seven of its outstanding student leaders with awards that are the highest the school bestows at the annual Awards Day. Recipients are selected by a vote of the faculty.

Left to right: Connor Dfufy, Anika Iqbal, Ridley Browder, Lea Hunter, Katy Waddell, Julia Hartman, and Nathan Webb

The JOHN ROY BAYLOR AWARD is presented to a senior who has contributed richly to the school both as a citizen and scholar. Named for Baylor’s visionary founder and first headmaster, the John Roy Baylor Award for 2020 was presented to Connor Duffy. Duffy will attend Georgia Tech.

Anika Iqbal is the winner of this year’s ALEXANDER GUERRY AWARD. Named for Baylor’s second headmaster, the award is presented to a senior who has contributed richly to the position of honor and right at Baylor. Iqbal will attend American University.

The HERBERT B. BARKS, SR., AWARD is presented to boarding students who have contributed richly to the spirit and quality of life of the residential program. This honor is named for Baylor’s third headmaster. The honorees were Ridley Browder, Lea Hunter, and Katy Waddell. Browder is from Memphis, Tenn.., boarded in Lupton Hall, and will attend Davidson College. Hunter is from Marietta, Ga., boarded in Riverfront Hall, and will attend American University. Waddell is from Acworth, Ga., and will attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a Morehead-Cain Scholar.

Named for Baylor’s fifth headmaster, the HERBERT B. BARKS, JR., AWARD is presented to seniors who have contributed richly to the Baylor spirit. This year’s honorees were Julia Hartman and Nathan Webb. Hartman will attend the University of South Carolina and Webb will attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Upper School Students Saluted by Peers

Left to right: Connor Duffy, Anika Iqbal, Eli Bowen, Frances Brantley, and Nick Skonberg

The O.B. ANDREWS AWARDS, presented each year to the male and female students judged as the best all-around seniors by the vote of the Upper School student body, were given to Connor Duffy and Aniqa Iqbal. Duffy will attend Georgia Tech and Iqbal will attend American University.

The JUMONVILLE AWARDS are given to the best all-around male and female juniors as determined by a vote of Upper School students. They were presented to Eli Bowen, Frances Brantley, and Nick Skonberg.

The SUMNER SMITH AWARD, named in memory of Sumner Smith ’17, goes to one or more juniors who live out Baylor’s mission of making a positive difference in the world by emulating Sumner’s kindness, sensitivity, positivity, perseverance, and humor. The award was presented to Frances Brantley.

Five Win Special Awards

Left to right: Claire Austin, Cannon Hunt, Thomas Nimon, Caroline Barker, and Maggie Kerley

THE HUBERT J. STAGMAIER AWARD is given to an outstanding all-around senior or seniors. This year’s honorees were Claire Austin, Cannon Hunt, and Thomas Nimon. Austin will attend Auburn University, Hunt will attend Belmont University, and Nimon will attend Sewanee: The University of the South.

The SERVICE TO SCHOOL AWARD is presented to seniors who have contributed richly to the school. This year, the award was given to Caroline Barker. She will attend Covenant College.

The MICHELLE KADRIE AWARD is given to a senior who combines a strong desire to do their personal best in school activities with a caring attitude toward others. This year’s recipient was Maggie Kerley. Kerley will attend the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Departmental Awards

  • Two-Dimensional Art Award - Davy Turner
  • Three-Dimensional Art Award - Serena Xiao
  • Orchestra Award - Gracen Ford
  • Band Award - Max Smith
  • Vocal Music Award - Charlotte Wang
  • Theater Award - Zach Elias
  • Dance Award - Maxime Werk
  • Scholar-Athlete Award - Connor Duffy, Kennedy Watson
  • Outstanding Athlete Award (by vote of senior varsity letter winners) - Gehrig Ebel, Makayla Packer
  • Best All-Around Athlete Award (by coaches’ vote)
  • Noah Martin
  • Makayla Packer

Leah Kessler, Sarah Rutledge, Maddy Toledano


John Liu

  • Chinese Award - Sorya Meyer
  • French Award - Charlotte Wang
  • German Award - Luiz Campos
  • Latin Award - Sophie Peirano
  • Spanish Award - Sophie Workinger
  • Math Award - Alex Xuan
  • Computer Science Award - Jade Liu

Connor Duffy, Mary MaKenny Zheng


Caroline BarkerEllie Raughton

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