Ray Deering Dies

We have the sad task of informing the Baylor community that Ray Deering, a revered member of the Baylor community for 33 years, died on Thursday,  May 28.

Deering served in various capacities from teacher to dean of students to director of both the lower and upper schools and working directly with Dr. Herb Barks ’51 as a top level administrator.

His heart was with the boarding community. In writing Ray's faculty profile years ago, former English instructor Jim Stover observed: "For 29 years he lived in the dorm, advising, cajoling, disciplining, and being a real part of students' lives." Jim quoted Ray as saying: "Think of how much richer we all are for having known all those kids." 

“When I arrived at Baylor as a seventh grader in the fall of 1969, the first teacher with whom I truly connected to was Ray Deering,” said Headmaster Scott Wilson ’75.  “Beyond being a wonderful teacher, he worked to find students’ interests beyond the classroom, and he was quick to support those, as well. When we became colleagues, he taught me so much about how to effectively discipline students…he was firm but fair.  Few people in my career have influenced me as much as Ray did.  He is truly a Baylor icon.”

Per Ray's wishes, there will be no funeral or memorial service, but those wishing to share their memories might post them to his Facebook page.

Ray was on campus earlier this year to meet with a small gathering that included Baylor trustee Miles Marks ’86 and Peyton Robinson ’88 (above).   His visit included a visit to the new Scotty Probasco Academic Center. The door behind was the original door to Trustee Hall where Ray lived for so many years. The door was restored and reinstalled in the Probasco Academic Center in honor of Ray and Fred Hubbs.

Ray (far left) is pictured with friends and former faculty members Lewis Rush and Dan Kennedy on one their many summer trips to Ireland.

Ray (left) with friends and former faculty members Beth Hansard and Dan Kennedy, also in Ireland.


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