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Join the Baylor Backers by Sept. 25 for Baylor vs. McCallie Perks

Chances are that if you have attended an arts or athletic event at Baylor in the past six years you have seen something that was purchased by the Baylor Backers – you just may not know it when you see it!  The Baylor Backers have raised $1,204,631 in additional support for arts and athletic programs.

To receive membership perks for this year's home football game against McCallie on Oct. 4, you must join by Sept. 25.

Click here for quick and easy online Baylor Backer booster membership for the 2019-20 school year.

Some of the Baylor Backer gifts include:

  • Track Starting Blocks
  • State-of-the-art lighting equipment in Roddy Theater
  • Mowers for Soccer/Baseball Fields
  • Crew Equipment
  • Felting Workshop
  • French Horn & Saxophone
  • Figure Drawing Workshop
  • Keyboard and Amp for Musical
  • Volleyball Equipment
  • Softball Equipment
  • Soccer Equipment
  • Baseball Fence ….and more!

The mission of the Baylor Backers booster organization is to provide additional financial and program support for the arts and athletic programs at Baylor. Funds raised are directed to “non-budgeted” items that are considered necessary to enhance the student/fan/audience experience. The Baylor Backers is a booster organization and not a substitute for The Baylor Fund, as always, The Baylor Fund comes first as the highest priority for annual giving to Baylor.

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