Izzy Boyd ’19 is Rhodes Scholarship Finalist

Izzy Boyd ’19, a senior and University Fellow at the University of Alabama, was named one of nearly 230 finalists in the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship competition out of 2,500 students who began the application process. 

Boyd is a member of UA’s Student Government Association, where she has served as the chief of staff for the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Cabinet; deputy director of Disability Services; and vice president for the nationally recognized Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program for the more than 38,000 students enrolled at Alabama. She will graduate this coming May with a degree in Public Health and Economics, and a minor in Social Innovation and Leadership through the University Fellows Experience. 

In spite of her busy schedule, finding the extra hours to dedicate to the rigorous Rhodes application was a commitment that Boyd felt was worth tackling. "The application process forces one to extensively analyze their values, course of study, and long-term goals, which is a great exercise for a 21-year-old," she said.  "I really enjoyed getting to know the other finalists as well."

"I would not be where I am today without Baylor," she adds. "While being a boarding student inherently prepares you for many aspects of college, Baylor’s programs and culture truly set me up for success. Outside of living with a community of dedicated peers from around the world, the experiences I had in the classroom were just as valuable. There have been many times when professors have asked, 'how did you learn that?' Most of the time, the reason is Baylor!"

Boyd also took advantage of the many things that Baylor had to offer, including the Advanced Science and  Engineering Program and the Global Scholars Program.  "The scientific research program gave me an excellent research foundation, so I was able to get involved with graduate-level research early on in my college career. After going to Australia on Baylor Exchange as a Global Scholar, I studied abroad in the U.K. and in Cuba in college, which would have seemed daunting if I had not already studied abroad at Baylor. Going on the Abshire Trip and participating in the Harris-Stanford Honors Program also inspired me to work for the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee and pursue other public-service endeavors. These are just a few concrete examples of how Baylor directly prepared me for college, but there are many significant intangible impacts Baylor had on my leadership, character, and personal development that are just as crucial to my success. I am so thankful to my teachers, coaches, dorm parents, and fellow students for their magnanimity."

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