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Eddie Davis and Bill Cox Mark 40 Years at Baylor

Congratulations to history instructor and coach Bill Cox and communications specialist (and former athletic trainer) Eddie Davis, who marked 40 years. 

Other career milestones are: 

30 Years: Priscilla Birdsall, Don Curtis, Abby Franklin, Howard Johnson, Grant Wood

25 Years: Joli Anderson, Charlie Brown, Steve Margio

20 Years: Linda Cooke, Jan Gautier, Karl Kaisner, Tom Watson, Titus Wilson

15 Years: Curtis Blair, Bubba Burr, Jennifer Cookston, Dan Flack, Brian Gill, Stephen Jackson, Nicole Kosch, Tim Laramore, Phil Massey, Vic Oakes, Emmie Treadwell, Eric Westmoreland

10 Years: Ted Biedler, Kathy Fraley, Ruth Ann Graham, Rex Kendle, Jaime Melton, Nancy Seiters, Ashley Shuford, Carlene West

5 Years: Lauren Callihan, Jordan Clark, Kelly Eller, Elizabeth Forrester, Tom Kates, Kelly O’Mara, Carrie Rice, Scotty Smith, Hillary Spiller, Libby Thoni, Chiann Tsui, Garrett Walsh, Erin Woodrow


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