Convocation Begins Baylor's 126th School Year
Convocation banner bearers were (left to right) Charlie Byrum '26, Caroline Stickley '25, Jack Champion '24, Aleyna Patel '23, Nadia Sixto '22, Will Cromie '21, and Saad Mohammad '20.

Baylor began the 2019-20 school year in the traditional way on Wednesday, Aug. 21, with the student body, faculty, staff, and other community members crowding the Baylor Field House for the annual convocation exercise.

This year’s convocation was celebrated with a class banner procession featuring sixth grader Charlie Byrum (2026), seventh grader Caroline Stickley (2025), Jack Champion (2024), Aleyna Patel (2023), junior Nadia Sixto (2022), Will Cromie (2021), and senior Saad Mohammad (2020). 

The class banner bearers were followed by veteran teacher and coach Kristin Vines, who carried the convocation banner, and Headmaster Scott Wilson ’75 energetically waving the Baylor flag as he entered.

Head of the Upper School David Padilla delivered the keynote address, introduced by faculty member Floyd CelapinoMr. Padilla remarks sprang from his perspective as an English teacher and the importance of “saying what we mean and meaning what we say, and avoiding misunderstandings whenever possible.”  

The invocation was delivered by senior Claire Austin and the pledge of allegiance was led by eighth grader Jada Cooper.  A special welcome was delivered by 12 members of the school's international community with a greeting in their native language from their home country: Loris Cenaj (Albania), Sergio Sergiyenko (Ukraine), Alex Borisov (UK, Russia), Demi di Matteo (UK, Italy), Ana Chapela Urena (Spain), Logan Watson Brown (Bermuda), Melissa Oliveira (Brazil), Candice Xie (China), David Danquah (Ghana), Matthew Tanrudee (Thailand), Defne Bozbey (Turkey), and Ilari Vaajanen (Finland).

Honor Council chair Connor Duffy ‘20 delivered remarks about Baylor's Honor Code, and Assistant Dean of Students Austin Clark led the traditional "blazer ceremony" where seniors officially wear their red blazers for the first time. 

The ceremony closed with the Baylor Concert Choir leading in the singing of the Alma Mater under the direction of Vic Oakes. The benediction was delivered by school chaplain Rev. Dan Scott.

Enjoy a video of the event below.

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