Baylor Welcomes New Faculty and Staff

President and Head of School Chris Angel '89 was among Baylor's 34 new community members who were welcomed to campus for the 2021-22 school year.

The large cohort attended orientation and opening of school meetings Aug. 9-13 in preparation for the school's 129th year, which began Wednesday, Aug. 18.

Joining the Baylor family this year are (front row, left to right) Philly Williams (Upper School math), Chris DeBien (Upper School athletics; residential life), Greta Mountain (Middle School fine arts, athletics), Tara Tucker (Upper School science), Chris Angel '89 (President and Head of School), Mary Beth Browne Hopping (Upper School Learning Center, humanities; residential life), Simone Harris (Middle School math), Keelah Jackson (Middle School Learning Center, humanities; community service), Natalia Ferrari (teacher's aide; residential life); (second row) Charlie Weeks '17 (Upper School science; Middle School athletics and Walkabout; residential life), Carlos Serrano (Middle School world languages), Elizabeth Robinson '05 (advancement assistant), Melissa Love Snyder '90 (director of alumni engagement), Alex Gallimore (chaplain), Ben Sposet (Middle School and Upper School fine arts), Payton Ritchey (Upper School English), Ellie Kincaid (Upper School English, athletics), Kelsie Sharp (Middle School world languages), Laura Smith (Upper School science; residential life), Kali Rosenberger (Upper School world languages), Spencer Ferrari-Wood (admission counselor; residential life; Upper School athletics); (top row) Lee Howick (Middle School and Upper School librarian), Ben Holt (Upper School science, athletics), Jack Studer '01 (Middle School math), Mike Perrin (Middle School world languages, athletics), Andrew Phipps (Upper School science), Tony Easley (Upper School athletics), Kyle Di Tieri (Upper School science), Amelia Moore '16 (Middle School learning center, humanities; Upper School athletics), Dave Fionda (Upper School math), Antonio Herrera (Upper School science), Nick Boehm '98 (Middle School science), and Matt Irvin (Upper School science). Not pictured is Anna Hall (advancement officer).

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