Baylor Students Chosen for All-East or All-State Orchestra

Six Baylor students have earned, by audition, the opportunity to play in the Tennessee All-East Orchestra. Of those six, two qualified for the All-State Orchestra. In addition, two others were named alternates for the All-East Orchestra.

These Baylor students will join other top musicians from East Tennessee and a guest conductor at the All-East performance in early February.

The Baylor orchestra is conducted by fine arts instructors Tom Schow and Christine Lau.

Pictured above (left to right) are Katherine Chen '22 (All-East, violin), Ibi Esho '22 (All-East, viola), Elisabeth Lau '21 (All-East, All-State, viola), Jenny Liu '22 (All-East, viola), Barry Yang '21 (All-East alternate, violin), Alyssa Kim '21 (All-East, violin), Zoë Hardnett '21 (All-East alternate, cello), and Gracen Ford '20 (All-East, All-State, violin).

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