Upper School Awards 2021
Co-Valedictorians Yiyang "Matthew" An and Alyssa Kim

Baylor celebrated the annual Awards Day tradition with virtual and hybrid ceremonies presented on May 17 and May 19. 

Co-Valedictorians Named

Baylor named Yiyang "Matthew" An and Alyssa Kim co-valedictorians for 2021. An is a boarding student from Shanghai, China and will attend the University of Oxford in Oxford, England. Kim is a day student from Ringgold, Ga. and will attend Washington University in St. Louis. With co-valedictorians, no salutatorian award was given.

Outstanding Student Leaders Honored

Baylor honored nine of its outstanding student leaders with Founders Awards, the highest the school bestows, at the annual Awards Day. Recipients are selected by a vote of the faculty.

Top, left to right: Creighton Arrington, Frances Brantley, Breanna Belcher, Sam Christensen, Barry Yang; bottom, left to right: Rosa Anderson Barrera, Caroline Chapman, Dana Mays, Steven Yao

The JOHN ROY BAYLOR AWARD is presented to a senior who has contributed richly to the school both as a citizen and scholar. Named for Baylor’s visionary founder and first headmaster, the John Roy Baylor Award for 2021 was presented to Creighton Arrington. Arrington will attend Carnegie Mellon University.

Frances Brantley is the winner of this year’s ALEXANDER GUERRY AWARD. Named for Baylor’s second headmaster, the award is presented to a senior who has contributed richly to the position of honor and right at Baylor. Brantley will attend the University of Georgia.

The HERBERT B. BARKS, SR., AWARD is presented to boarding students who have contributed richly to the spirit and quality of life of the residential program. This honor is named for Baylor’s third headmaster. The honorees were Breanna Belcher, Sam Christensen, and Yuxuan "Barry" Yang. Belcher is from Cleveland, Tenn.., boarded in Hunter Hall, and will attend Carson-Newman University. Christensen is from Andrews, N.C., boarded in Lupton Hall, and will attend Washington State University. Yang is from Shinzhen, China, boarded in Lupton Hall, and will attend Middlebury College.

Named for Baylor’s fifth headmaster, the HERBERT B. BARKS, JR., AWARD is presented to seniors who have contributed richly to the Baylor spirit. This year’s honorees were Rosa Anderson Barrera, Caroline Chapman, Dana Mays, and Shenxun "Steven" Yao. Anderson Barrera will attend Yale University, Chapman will attend Hamilton College, Mays will attend Southern Methodist University and Yao will attend Northwestern University.

Upper School Students Saluted by Peers

Left to right: Eli Bowen, Frances Brantley, Hannah Barger, Nick McKenney, Fatima Sohani

The O.B. ANDREWS AWARDS, presented each year to the male and female students judged as the best all-around seniors by the vote of the Upper School student body, were given to Eli Bowen and Frances Brantley. Bowen will attend Samford University and Brantley will attend the University of Georgia.

The JUMONVILLE AWARDS are given to the best all-around male and female juniors as determined by a vote of Upper School students. They were presented to Hannah Barger, Nick McKenney, and Fatima Sohani.

The SUMNER SMITH AWARD, named in memory of Sumner Smith ’17, goes to one or more juniors who live out Baylor’s mission of making a positive difference in the world by emulating Sumner’s kindness, sensitivity, positivity, perseverance, and humor. The award was presented to Nick McKenney.

Three Win Special Awards

Left to right: Ashleigh Huang, Janie Pippenger, Alexa McCarren

THE HUBERT J. STAGMAIER AWARD is given to an outstanding all-around senior or seniors. This year’s honoree was Ashleigh Huang. Huang will attend the University of Pennsylvania.

The SERVICE TO SCHOOL AWARD is presented to seniors who have contributed richly to the school. This year, the award was given to Janie Pippenger. She will attend King's College London.

The MICHELLE KADRIE AWARD is given to a senior who combines a strong desire to do their personal best in school activities with a caring attitude toward others. This year’s recipient was Alexa McCarren. McCarren will attend Northeastern University.

Departmental Awards

  • Two-Dimensional Art Award - Shirley Zhang
  • Three-Dimensional Art Award - Frankie Chamberlain
  • Orchestra Award - Zoë Hardnett
  • Band Award - Christopher Young
  • Vocal Music Award - Creighton Arrington
  • Theater Award - Nick Skonberg
  • Dance Award - Mary Alex Bachus
  • Scholar-Athlete Award - Creighton Arrington, Caroline Chapman
  • Outstanding Athlete Award (by vote of senior varsity letter winners) - Riley Jenne, Ellie Waldrep
  • Best All-Around Athlete Award (by coaches’ vote) - Riley Jenne, Ellie Waldrep

Rosa Anderson Barrera, Ava EchardBrody Listen


Caroline ChapmanSophie Peirano

  • Chinese Award - Alyssa Kim
  • French Award - Ada Cruikshank
  • German Award - Holland Moss
  • Latin Award - Xian Campbell
  • Spanish Award - Dana Mays
  • Math Award - Matthew An, Dake Peng
  • Computer Science Award - Katelyn Evans
  • Science Research Award - Dake Peng
  • Science Achievement Award - Matthew An
  • Science Achievement & Dedication Award -  Alyssa Kim

Ashleigh HuangEvelyn Ludwick

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