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Listen to the Latest Quadpod for a Taste of Fall at Baylor!

Listen to the Latest Quadpod for a Taste of Fall at Baylor!

Welcome to the latest episode of "The Quadpod," a student-produced podcast highlighting life at Baylor.

Listen here, or simply search for the Baylor Quadpod online or wherever you get your podcasts. 

On this episode, in the spirit of this peak fall season, students highlight some of the special events and transformational experiences happening on campus right now. First, senior Karen Hori sits down with the community service special events coordinator, Aashi Patel, also a senior, to learn more about the program’s special Trunk or Treat night on campus. Just after, Hori and senior Alana Zavala take you to the event itself to hear what the night means for the young scholars who are invited to attend.

Next, senior Blake Bogo sits down with Baylor’s social media specialist Molly Glascock Smith '12 to discuss the heighted spirit in Heywood Stadium and how she’s helped bring a more awareness of campus life to the broader world through Baylor’s social media accounts. Then, senior Vincent McClure polls the student body on their favorite dress up themes at this season’s home football games.

Next, senior Aly Johnston speaks with two peak performers of this year’s outstanding girls' soccer state championship team, seniors Jada Cooper and Elizabeth Stophel, about how their leadership helped the team return to championship heights.

And finally, we’ll join senior Jahslyn Rose Bush and Baylor Trustee David Knox '02, to hear about his transformational years at Baylor and how it propelled him towards a bright future. This episode is hosted by junior Tate Harrison and senior Anya Wiisanen '24.

Students who work on each episode of The Quadpod are guided by the expertise of Mike Kelly, Baylor's director of applied humanities.  Each episode is Inspired by the many converging paths on campus where faculty, staff, students, alumni and families meet, and features stories from all angles, told by many voices.