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    True knowledge comes from putting every part of your brain to work. That’s why Baylor's science and engineering classes and our advanced research program requires students to dive deep into complex problems. In our molecular biology lab, students are researching breast cancer with equipment widely found in professional cancer labs (but rarely seen at the high school level). In our engineering research lab students are designing a device that could be used to fight malaria in Africa.

Leading Authorities. As experts in their own fields of study, Dr. Dawn Richards, Dr. Mary Loveless, and Dr. Elizabeth Forrester are leading the way in developing curriculum and programs that will inspire the next generation of research scientists.

Technology’s Best Tools. The Weeks Science Building is supported with a $15 million endowment to ensure the most advanced program possible. In the words of one teacher, “It allows us to have all the best tools” for bringing STEAM theories to life: robots, apps, scoping devices, wind tunnels, computer programs, and much more.

Our river offers more than a beautiful view. Baylor’s campus is home to the Southeast’s only freshwater research center: the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute. The 14,000-square-foot facility gives students from around the state (and beyond) the unique opportunity to rub elbows with brilliant aquatic scientists. For some Baylor students, it’s a chance to dive even deeper into limnology – freshwater science – for their three-year scientific analysis and research program.

Putting knowledge to work. When Sims Pettway ’17 had saved enough money to purchase his first drone, his interests in business and engineering soared to a new level. He is now the owner of Aerial Eye productions, LLC, a drone photography and video business. He hopes to expand into the Atlanta area as a student at Georgia Tech University.

A life-changing invention. A virtual reality calm room developed by Hayley Harwood ’18, could give parents an affordable and portable way to help a child with autism, and could also grant families more freedom to participate in activities outside the home without additional stress for their child.

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