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One of America’s leading college prep and boarding schools

Being born to lead does not guarantee that one will. The potential has to be developed and nurtured, and that is what the Baylor School educational and boarding experience does. At Baylor you can ...

Become a Global Scholar

Want to gain new perspectives that come from travel opportunities? Become a Global Scholar -- our distinction for students who pursue international travel and globally-focused courses while creating a Senior Global Capstone portfolio. We also offer exchange programs to Australia, South Africa, Spain, and France; whitewater kayaking in Panama, trekking in India, and community service in Jamaica.

Explore Creative Pursuits

At Baylor you can play in the orchestra and band, design costumes, perform in plays, dance in recitals, and sing in national choir competitions. We even have an AniMAKE studio where you can create films and an IdeaLab for hands-on thinking, making, and doing.

Impact Communities

Many Baylor students choose to serve children at locally and abroad through our nationally-acclaimed community service program. They tutor kids at local schools, write grants to help underserved children, and work to improve educational opportunities for children in Kingston, Jamaica.

Fuel Your Brain with STEAM

We are huge believers in STEAM, which fuels student projects from cancer research to virtual reality collaboration with MIT, and aquatic research with scientists at the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute -- the Southeast’s only freshwater research center that is conveniently located on our campus.

Participate in Championship-level Athletics

Baylor student-athletes are offered 17 sports, we field 74 teams in grades 6-12, our facilities rival those of many colleges, and, at the varsity level, we've won nearly twice as many state championships than any other school in Tennessee.

$16.5 m

in merit based aid was earned and 209 different merit scholarships were awarded to the Class of 2017.


acceptances were offered from colleges and universities, including Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Penn, Yale, UVA, and UNC


in athletic scholarships was earned by the Class of 2017


attend four-year colleges and universities

Here is a partial list of where some of our graduates have continued their careers at the collegiate level:

  • Amherst.png
  • Boston.png
  • Duke.png
  • Georgetown.png
  • Harvard.png
  • Hopkins.png
  • MIT.png
  • Princeton.png
  • Rhodes.png
  • SCAD.png
  • St. Johns College.png
  • Stanford.png
  • Vanderbuilt.png
  • Wake Forest.png
  • William & Mary.png
  • Yale.png

Apply for a Boarding Scholarship

You may be selected for a boarding scholarship (including tuition and housing). To learn more about criteria and application deadlines for the Cartter Scholars Program, call the Admission Office at 423-267-5902 or Find Out More Information here.

Read What Some of Our Students Say

Baylor’s diverse community welcomes boarding students from 20 countries and 24 states.

Sarah Talley '18

"I knew I wasn’t going back to my old school and started looking at boarding schools. When I was visiting Baylor everyone was coming up to me and saying hello.People were just so nice to me -- and it was genuine."

Allen Pack '16

“One of the things I love about Baylor this year is the renovation to the dining hall. It’s just unbelievable! They’ve made so much space to spread out and find what you want. We have many choices and the food is always very good.”

Julia Steck ‘18

"When it came to choosing a high school it came down to what was best for me. My mom and I did the initial tour (of Baylor) and then my dad came up. We loved everything about it, especially all of the things you can get involved in. Colleges also recognize all that Baylor is known for.”

Great Opportunities Await You at Baylor

Baylor is one of America's great college prep schools. To find out more, call our admission office at 423-267-5902 or select a button below to begin the conversation.