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23-24 Baylor Backers Members

Includes Backer members and those who have made an
unrestricted gift of $5,000 or more to the 23-24 Baylor Fund  



Rebeca and John Allred
Tattie and Dave Bailey
Stacey and Pearson Beardsley
Sue and Julian Bell 1981
Holly and Shawn Benton
Nicki and Matt Brock 1991
Bailey and Jonathon Bullard 2002
Sarah and Jonathan Cantrell
Alicia and Trey Carico 1991
Jami and Brooks Cherry
Margaret Jan and Alex Chi
Amee and Brandon Combs
Terri and Bill Cooper 1973
Boofie and Ryan Crimmins 1978
Susan and Chris Crimmins 1980
Allison Edgmon Cromie 1990 and Marc Cromie
Camille and John Arthur Daniel 1989
Ashley and Ward Davenport 1997
Pat and Ralph Doering
Meagan and Tyler Duke
Philippa and Brice Englert
Jennifer and David Foster
Lisa and Steve Frost
Elizabeth and Heath Haley
Joelle and Mark Hart
Beth and Matthew Hereford 1990
Mandy and JD Hickey
Alison Bailey and Scott Hickman
Amy and Wes Hicks
Karen and Brian Hood
Aimee and Chip Hoover
Cindy and Chip Howalt 1985
Alissa Craft Hudson 1994 and Phillip Hudson
Sam and Jimmy Hudson 1975
Anne-Marie and Jay Jolley 1990
Judy and Steaven Jones 1950
Ashley and David Kinzler
Susan Korthals
Ashley and Andrew Ladebauche
Marylee and Barry Large
Bill Lusk
Kathie and Scott Manning
Jenny and Miles Marks 1986
Tabatha and John Mauldin
Amanda and Kevin McCoy
Whitney and Peter McGriff 1997
Pam and Rick McKenney
Erin and Don McNeill 1991
Cindy and Chip Murphy 1971
Carol and Will Muschamp
Mary and Rivers Myres 1979
Tracy and Rob Noland
Alice and Billy Oehmig 1967
Cory and Todd Phillips
Claudia and Bill Pullen 1992
Jill and Ray Ryan
Becky and Cam Scearce
Heather and Scott Scoggins
Elda and Eric Scott
Jody Shea
Abby and John Sikes
Beth and Jamie Simpson
Steve Smalling 1978
Ashley and Parag Soni
Ashley and John Sorrow 1985
Dani and DJ Stewart
Debbie and Chris Sugden
Missy and Roger Talley
Diane Templeton
Lynde and Rusty Thompson 1995
Rusty Umphenour
Kimmy Umphenour
Jim Vaughn
Beth Flanagan Webb 1999 and Brian Webb
Piper and Bob Worthington 1974


Becky and James Actkinson
Ann and Billy Aiken 1968
Misa and Charles Ankar
Emily and Clint Bagley
Shelane and Andrew Barrett
Jennifer and Todd Bell 1986
Holly and Eric Bischoff
Connie and Terry Blunt
Carley Boehm
Emily and Kelly Boggs
Lauren and John Bowen
Anne and Patrick Bradshaw
Gwen and Clyde Brimer
Deana and Louis Brody
Kilzma and Ivan Brown
Tara Brown
Charles Brown
Julie and Jeremy Bruce
Courtney and Todd Bullard
Cyndi and Mike Burge
Ashleigh and Jacob Cain
Lea and Ben Caplenor
Laura and Brando Catalanotto
Chanda Chambers
Candice and Chris Coleman
Lindsey Cooke 2001
Kimberly and Chad Copeland
Margaret and Chris Cosby
Tonia and Will Cox
Mary and Jud Dalton
Allison and Ben Dart
Melissa and Kevin Dillmon
Kelly Reisman Drayer 1989 and Whitney Drayer
Cappy and Vern Dryden
Laura and Luke Dutton
Carrie and Lee Edwards
Jamey and Brian Elrod
Kristi and Brad Emendorfer
Heather and Kevin Etzler
Ashley and Shane Ferguson
Lori and Douglas Finlay
Susie and Roger Fitch
Heather and Steve Flaherty
Susan and Tom Flanagan
Karen and Jim Fogo 1970
Kami and Carter Fowler 1993
Tara and Mark Freeman
Lindsey and Jonathan Frost 2001
Angela and Carlos Garcia
Julie and Carter Garrett
Lucy and Billy Gates
Andrea and Brett Gerwin
Jemma Harvey-Greenfeld and Steve Greenfeld
Charlotte Higgason Gregorie 1999 and Doug Gregorie
Kellie and Andrew Guth
Andee and Jonathan Guthrie 1992
Amy Frost Haddock 1997 and John Haddock 1997
Beth and Barry Hamilton 1996
Emily Haney
Ashley Harmon
Robin and Jason Harris
Jan and Carl Hartley
Kimberly and Todd Hartley
Ashley Phlegar Henry 1996 and Cliff Henry
Mandy and Alan Hensley
Sarah and Mike Herndon
Jennifer and Jeramie Hoff
Julie and Bryan Hogue 1995
Lucia Parker Hopper 1990 and Tommy Hopper 1984
Emily Stuart Horn 1995 and Daniel Horn
Tammy and Mike Houston
Jessica and Dakota Huddleston
Susan and Doug Jaquith
Jeff Jennings 1996
Jeanie Jung and David Harris
Mary Morgan-Kelley and Danny Kelley
Dan Kennedy
Katherine and Morgan Kerns
Laura and Michael Ketcham
Julie and Alan Koffron
Angela and Jeff Kopet
Tara and Greg Kubasik
Marcy and Dale Ledford
Lena and Geoff Levendoski
Becca and Todd Levin
Stephanie and Brett Ligenza
Christy and Russell Looper
Kelly and Kenny Lowenberg
Bobbi and Bruce Lussier
Heather and Glenn Mahan
Melissa and Kevin Manner
Hannah Sparks Maounis 1999 and Evan Maounis
Amanda and Roy Maybank
Christy and Todd McCain
Rebecca and Mike McCracken
Jennifer and Jim McDaniel 1966
Marla and Andy McDaniel 1994
Tina and Todd McDonald
Rachel Miller-Tester 1997 and Robbie Tester
Patrick and Catherine Minor
Tim Mitch
Melissa and Ian Mitchell
Betsy and Chad Mize
Emily and Patrick Nelligan
Camila and Drew Neslin
Sarah Olds
Eden and Jason Parker
Rebecca and Darin Passer
Lana and Ben Peppers
Barbara and Oliver Perdomo
Erika and Charles Phillips
Sarah and Jason Provonsha
Sheng Gao and Albert Pruenster
Eteri Bibileishvili and Walter Puchalski
Tiffany and Steve Quarfordt
Betsy and Ryan Ranalli
Sally Willingham Ratterman 2004 and Stephen Ratterman
Natalie and Will Reisman 1993
Margarita and Scott Renegar
Kymberly and Donn Restelli
Angela Saverice-Rohan and Derek Rohan
Amanda Rose
Lauren and Tim Rowlett
Barbara and Matt Royal
Mitzi and Scott Ruth 1983
Lucy and Stuart Rymer
Abby Sanders 2010
Lucy and Daniel Sawrie 1991
Lesley and Daniel Scearce 1993
Holly and Skip Schwartz 1991
Maggie and Patrick Shutters
Krista and Doug Stein 1975
Alana and Spencer Strauss
Ashleigh and David Swinford
Ginger and Gabe Thomas
Rekha Kurien Thomas 1994 and Jacob Thomas
Ashley and Jim Thurman
Emmie and Ty Treadwell
Tammy and Dale Tuder 1993
Tina and Bryan Vance
Robyn Johnson Walston 2001 and Jay Walston 1999
Jane and Steven Warren
Constance and Wilbert Washington
Stuart and Chip Watson
Allison and Scott Watson-Brown
Celeste and Andy Weaver
Mary and Mitchell Webster
Jillian and John Westcott 2003
Angela and Lathan Whited
Ayana and Bill Winchester 1994
Whitney and Jonathan Witt
Lindsay and Chad Wolford 2000
Carol and Daniel Yim
Jodi and Josh Yother 1992


Jenny and Nick Allen
Cory and Evan Allison
Jane and Patrick Atkerson
Penny Murray-Au and Mitch Au
Hope and Blythe Bailey
Chris Beasley
Shell and Reab Berry
Vikki and Allen Bible
Cindy and Bob Birchell
Lauren and Peter Boehm 1990
Jo and Bobby Bowling
Vonda and Tom Brazier
Barbara and Harrison Brown 1959
Laura and Lew Card
Lotika Pandit and Anuj Chandra
Michelle and Hitesh Chavda
Susan Collins
Amy and Tres Courdin
Jim Coyle
Alison and John Dorough
Caroline Hensley Doster 2009 and Cross Doster 2004
Maggie and Alex Estes 2000
Natalie and Steve Faulkner
Margaret and Scott Ferguson '75
Kathy and Dante Fiorini
Susie and David Haddock
Sherry and Steve Hankins
Katherine and Jim Hansen
Laura and Jared Hensley
Audrey and Jeff Hill
Christina and Don Horsman
Sarah and Mark Huffines
Joy and Mike Irwin 1980
Addison Irwin 2018
Kacy and Bleau Jasper
Kaki Brown Jenkins 2002 and Jay Jenkins 1998
Sarita and Steve Johnston
Caroline and Blake Kaylor
Yasmine Kangles Key 1999 and Jason Key
Catherine and Bill Kibbe
Bill and Mary Kilbride
Seo Young Lee and Minki Kim
Mikaya Reynolds Knight 2013 and Jordan Knight
Telky Lanza Murphy 1994 and Pete Murphy
Amy and Kevin Listen
Chassie and Kirt Long
Lisa and Patrick Luke
Nicolle and Jerry Lydon
Christy Fogo Martin 2001 and John Martin
Tracey and Ken Martin
Marilyn and DeWayne McCamish
Rand McLaughlin
Jill and John Metcalf
Petrise and Deon Miles
Kathy and Tim Miller
Shannon and Dan Minninger
Brooke and Andy Moore 1992
Diane and Jim Morrison
Kelly and Steve Morton
Amanda and Erik Niel
Terry and Miao-Ju Olsen
Lori Proctor and Michael Osborne
Hillary and Josh Parrott
Gilchrist and John Phillips
Paula and Tom Potter
Jane and James Pratt
Kara and Mark Price
Kelly and Ben Reese
Bitsy and Ron Renegar
Jen Swafford Richards 1999 and Travis Richards
Jasmin and Erik Rippon
Tiff and John Roberts
Tracy Roop
Christin and Richard Rose
Sue and Steve Sawrie 1959
Greg Simmons 1978
Sophia and Dickey Simpkins
Nicole and Ben Stewart 2002
Janice and Bill Stiles
Nikki and Kevin Stophel
Claudia and Harold Stowe
Miller and Jake Tallent 1999
Spencer Taylor
Lia and Jeff Tipps 1987
Kay and Mark Turner
Julie and Kelly Von Canon 1989
Caroline and Nelson Williams
Rebecca and Jay Woods 1992

as of October 31, 2023


Please contact:
Barbara Perdomo

Ramona Glascock
Staff Liaison