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Notable Alumni in the Arts

Being involved in the arts at Baylor can lead to fulfilling careers and professions later in life. Our students have gone on after graduation to become not only working artists and sculptors, but architects, designers, filmmakers, educators – one even worked as a light technician for U2!

Barry Moser '58

In a corner of Barry Moser's two-level studio hang his awards – a certificate naming him "A Living New England Treasure," an American Book Award, a medal of the National Academy of Design, a medal of...

Brett Granstaff '98

By the time Brett Granstaff '98 arrived at Baylor as a sophomore, his father, a national sales manager for Northern Life, had moved the family 20 times. When Brett's family...

Donald Pippin '44

Donald Pippin '44 served for 14 years as Musical Director of New York's Radio City Music Hall and is considered one of Broadway's most honored conductors.

Philip Morehead '60

Philip Morehead '60 does not have a short answer when asked what he does for a living...

Jenni Kirk Steck '93

Jenni Kirk Steck '93 has combined her acting, administrative, and teaching skills to make a career doing what she loves...

Rachael Miller '98

Anyone who knows Rachael would not be surprised that she is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in drama and theatre for youth...

Stephanie Allen '92

Ask Stephanie Allen about her most significant high school learning experience, and she doesn't hesitate...

Arthur Golden '74

Arthur Golden's first novel, Memoirs of a Geisha, took the literary world by storm, and he's...

Dr. Coleman Barks '55

Dr. Coleman Barks '55 was 39 when he was first introduced to the work of the 13thcentury Persian poet, Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi, known to the English-speaking world as Rumi...

Adam Kinsey '98

Track 29 entertainment co-owners, Adam Kinsey '98 and his wife, Monica, deserve a round of applause...

Jacob Young '74

"Baylor had instilled the notion that I could do all the things on my to-do list..."

Seth Carico '00

If bass-baritone performer Seth Carico '00 hadn't been eager to impress a high school date, chances are he might not have become the international opera performer he is today.

Lizzie Chazen '02

Former Baylor Player and actress Lizzie Chazen '02 has returned to the local spotlight, sharing her considerable talent on the stage and behind the scenes at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre.

John Michael Weatherly '98

If you've been wondering what former Baylor Player John Michael Weatherly '98 has been up to lately, just check out Robert Redford's movie "The Conspirator," which opened nationwide in April starring Robin Penn Wright, James McAvoy, and Evan Rachel Wood.

Francis Fesmire '78

Fesmire's book, "Nashville Skyline is a moving story of human weakness and redemption. Fueled by Southern history and classical mythology, Fesmire's story of Gabe Rutherford's journey will stir anyone who remembers the sting of a lost loved one or the heartbreak of lost love."

Ivan "Funkboy" Bodley '82

Bodley, who has "no wife, no kids, no pets, and no mort­gage," jokes that he has performed in 8,000 bands...

Morgan Jahnig '97

Although he didn't make the cut for a musical performance scene in the 1994 Baylor production of "The Grapes of Wrath," Morgan Jahnig '97 (pictured above on bass) has found his place in the spotlight...

Christopher Keene '97

As a member of the lighting crew for major rock and pop concerts for the last decade, Christopher Keene '97 has a unique perspective on the complexity of staging a mega-million dollar concert production...

Brandon Stansell '05

Having performed with Opryland Productions eight years, Brandon Stansell '05 was already acquainted with the stage and well on his way to fulfilling a lifelong dream to be an entertainer when he was selected as a backup dancer for Taylor Swift's Fearless Tour.

Roy Fuller '79

Before Roy Fuller's interview for this pro­file, he made a list of Baylor teachers who had influenced him. "It's a long list," he warned. "What Baylor gave me was a confidence about myself and the world around me that I didn't have coming in."