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Fine Arts

2023 Slideshow - Art Overview


Theater Performances

Plays are produced each fall and spring, giving students hands-on experience in the technical and artistic aspects of a production.


Verve’ Dance

Our dance troupe, Vervé, produces several shows each year. Many of their pieces are choreographed and directed by students.


Visual Arts

Drawing, printmaking, pottery, sculpture, graphic design, and painting are all offered as part of our fine arts curriculum.


Concert Choir

Voice, diction, and concert choir are also among our course offerings. The choir performs throughout the year in special assemblies, concerts, and national competitions.


Band & Orchestra

Students interested in music also have the opportunity to perform in concert band and string orchestra.


Woodworking & Set Design

In addition to building the sets for Baylor Players production, students who take the Form & Function elective are able to work on woodworking projects that are used on campus.

Fine Arts at Baylor

Baylor offers a vibrant and deep fine arts program that includes theater, chorus, band, orchestra, dance, painting, drawing, sculpture, pottery, digital design, and photography.  While a minimum of fine arts courses are required of all students, we are passionate about delivering the best possible experience for individuals who are interested in a deeper immersion or who may be considering further concentration in college. 

We are also fortunate to welcome to campus throughout the year authors, choreographers, dancers, musicians, poets, and artists from all disciplines as visiting artists and guest lecturers -- and the school calendar is packed each year with performances, concerts, exhibits, and special trips. With the guidance of experienced faculty (many of whom are artists in their own right) the adventure of fine arts at Baylor can be a transforming experience for student artists and performers.

The Baylor Difference


All Sixth Graders

All sixth graders have a required and substantive survey-level experience in each Fine Arts discipline.

7 + 8

Seventh & Eighth Graders

When students choose to pursue an elective, they are able to make an informed choice about what they would like to study.


In Upper School

Upper School students take more advanced levels of studio classes, performance and honors ensembles, doing more in set design and play writing, and other experiences to fit their individual abilities and interests.


Fine Art Courses

You will have a huge selection of more than 30 courses taught by people who are experts in their fields.


Full-time Instructors

Baylor is fortunate to have the resources to support 12 full-time instructors.


Digital Design

The digital design portion of our AP 3-D Studio Arts course has helped students create video game designs, an architectural portfolio using 3-D printing and Google map imagery.


Explore More About the Fine Arts at Baylor

Visual Arts

2D/3D Art & Design, Digital Design, Photography, Filmmaking, Drawing, Pottery, Form & Function, and Painting.

Dance & Drama

Dance performance and choreography. Acting, scene design and lighting design - performances year-round

Choir & Music

Band, choir, and orchestra courses plus numerous competitions and performances throughout the year,

Notable Alumni

Actors on broadway, film makers, best-selling authors - explore more here…