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RT, UT Memphis Medical 1972

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Joli and her husband, Yogi, are the parents of two Baylor graduates, Andy ('95) and John ('96). Long impressed by the warmth of the Baylor community and by the commitment and concern of the faculty, Joli was "200 percent satisfied" with the education her sons received, and she is now even more impressed by her colleagues' dedication.

Joli organizes such afternoon courses as art, pottery, and first aid/CPR. She also coordinates what is by far the most popular afternoon activity: community service. Several hundred Baylor students now participate in one form or another (most tutor inner-city youngsters), and Upper School students tallied some 14,000 hours of service during the 1997-98 school year. Joli sees community service as a way to break down racial, religious, cultural, and socio-economic barriers. She also knows that community service is not a one-way street; Baylor students soon learn that by bettering others' lives, their own lives are bettered as well. Joli talks to students about the importance of consistency and commitment, and the dedication of Baylor volunteers is manifest: in 1998 seven gave more than 100 hours of service to the Boys' Club, one student won a national service award, and the Baylor program received volunteer of the year awards from both the Harriet Tubman Boys' Club and Girls Inc.

Joli also takes students to sites of service outside the Chattanooga area. She and student volunteers regularly visit a food bank and homeless shelter in Asheville, North Carolina, and during spring break of 1998, Joli and several students worked in the inner city of Kingston, Jamaica – and returned for ten days in the summer. Among her other duties,

Joli acts as an adviser to the school's international students and directs the summer day camp. She has also begun a program of on-campus service in which adviser groups undertake various humanitarian and environmental projects. (A majority of groups contribute to the annual Christmas party for children from the Tubman Homes.)

Joli is a registered radiological technologist who has worked at several hospitals. Her medical background has led naturally to her interest in service. She says, "My whole thing is I enjoy helping people." She also directed a preschool and served on the Baylor Parents' Council.

Appointed 1996