Faculty / Staff Directory

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Ann Katherine Taylor

Associate Director of College Counseling, Dorm Faculty

Lauren Thomas

Director of Health and Wellness

Chuck Thompson

Director of Information Technology

Libby Thoni

Advancement Associate

Christy Tomisek

Director of Middle School Student Support

James Torres

Athletics Associate, Wrestling Coach

Dhonielle Toussaint


Emmie Treadwell

Mathematics Instructor, Director of Strategic Initiatives

Chiann Tsui

World Languages Instructor

Penny Tullock

Concert Choir Accompanist

Shane Turner

History/Social Sciences Instructor, Wrestling Coach

Kristin Vines

Fencing Coach, Language Instructor

Brenda Waddell

HR Director

Kitty Wadley

Student Center Grille

Katie Waite

Math Instructor

Margaret Wallace

Accounts Payable

Chase Waller

Humanities Specialist, Dorm Parent

Garrett Walsh

Theater Technical Director

Sharon Wang

Dean of Students

Chris Watkins

English Instructor

Tom Watson

Dorm Faculty, Football Coach, Mathematics Instructor, Softball Coach

Adam Weaver

Dorm Faculty, Mathematics Instructor, Math Department Chair

Carlene West

English Instructor

Eric Westmoreland

Admissions Assistant, Assistant Football Coach

Laura Willett

Fine Arts Instructor

Becky Williams

Middle School Counselor, Wellness Instructor

Tim Williams

Director of Walkabout, History/Social Science Instructor

Robbin Willie

Gift Accounting & Stewardship Associate, Development Office

Scott Wilson


Shaw Wilson

Assistant Headmaster

Titus Wilson

Maintenance Staff

Alan Wong

Dorm Faculty, Football Coach, Track Coach, History/Social Science Instructor

Grant Wood

Science Instructor

Erin Woodrow

Science Instructor

Keven Woods

Technology Support

Grace Xiong

Language Instructor

Jesse Young

Physics Instructor, Rowing Coach

Liz Young

College Counselor, Rowing Coach
< 1 2 3 showing 201 - 238 of 238 constituents