Faculty / Staff Directory

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Bett Adams

Camp Walkabout Director

Joli Anderson

Assistant Director of Community Service

Elijah Anderson Barrera

Language Instructor

Ryan Armstrong

Assistant Director, Day Admissions, Dorm Faculty, Middle School Football and Baseball Coach

Allyson Arrington

Mathematics Instructor

Shawn Arrington

Chief Information Officer

Jennifer Averbeck

Dorm Faculty, English Instructor, Learning Center Director

Sam Bankston

Admin. Assistant to Head of Middle School

Jack Batt

Crew Coach, History/Social Science Instructor

Penny Batt

English Instructor

Vince Betro

Mathematics Instructor

Heather Biebel

Student Exchange Coordinator, History/Social Sciences Instructor

Priscilla Birdsall

Middle School Dean of Students

Curtis Blair

Director of Soccer, Dorm Faculty

Averil Blue

MS Lacrosse Coach, World Languages Instructor

Henry Blue

Learning Center Specialist, Middle School Lacrosse Coach

Sheila Bohannon

Database Manager & Admin. Assistant, Development

John Bonds

Diving Coach for Baylor School and Baylor Diving Club

Suzie Boyle

School Psychologist

Charlie Brown

Maintenance Staff

Elizabeth Bryant

Assistant to the Headmaster

Elin Bunch

Director of Community Service

Justin Burner

Mathematics Instructor

Elizabeth Burnette

Science Instructor

Bubba Burr

Assistant Football Coach, Fitness and Conditioning Instructor, Assistant Track Coach

Lorraine Byerley


Ed Cain

Maintenance Staff

Lauren Callihan

Director of Hedges Library

Betsy Carmichael

Art Instructor

Lee Casson

English Instructor

Ned Caswell

Director of Tennis

Floyd Celapino

History/Social Science Instructor, Language Instructor

Bo Chamberlain

History/Social Sciences Instructor, Director of Middle School Walkabout

Austin Clark

Assistant Dean of Upper School

Jordan Clark

Boarding Admission Counselor

Michael Clark

Registrar and Director of Enrollment Services

Jennifer Clemmer

Science Instructor

Amy Cohen

English Instructor

Susan Collins

Headmaster's Assistant

Suzanne Collins

English Instructor, English Department Chair

Judy Condon

Art Instructor

Garrison Conner

Director of Residential Life

David Conwell

History/Social Science Department Chair, History/Social Science Instructor

Linda Cooke

Director of Student Diversity and Development

Jennifer Cookston


Maggie Corey

Associate Director of the Annual Fund

Allen Cox

Equipment Manager

Bill Cox

Basketball Coach, History/Social Science Instructor

Don Curtis

Director of Physical Plant

Leslie Davenport

Special Events

Eddie Davis

Communications Specialist

Cos DeMatteo

Football Coach

Melissa Ebel

Medical Assistant, Health Center

Jeff Edwards

Science Instructor, Science Instructor

Kelly Eller

Mathematics Instructor

Kurt Emmanuele

Assistant Track Coach, Dorm Faculty, Assistant Volleyball Coach, Walkabout Instructor, Learning Center Staff

Eddie Etter

Administrative Assistant to Athletic Director

Robin Fazio

Language Instructor, Coordinator, Organic Gardening

Bernard Fertal

Director of Interactive Media / Webmaster

Daniel Flack

Head Swimming Coach & Aquatics Director

Joe Flippen

Food Services Director

Elizabeth Forrester

Science Instructor

Kathy Fraley

Director of Counseling

Abby Franklin

Administrative Assistant to Assistant Headmaster

Jeff Gaither

English Instructor, Track Coach, Dorm Parent

Jan Gautier

Dorm Faculty, Science Instructor, Varsity Boys' Cross Country Coach, Middle School Cross Country & Track Coach

Lizzie Gendimenico

Middle School Counselor

John Gibson

Middle School Baseball Coach, Varsity Girls Basketball Coach, Learning Center Staff

Brian Gill

Swimming Instructor

Ramona Glascock

Director of Annual Giving

Ruth Ann Graham

World Languages Instructor, World Languages Department Chair

Jenny Green

Dorm Faculty, Middle School Student Support, Wellness Instructor

Susan Griffith

Administrative Assistant to Upper School Deans

Beth Gumnick

Fine Arts Instructor

Margaret Harman

Dance Instructor, Verve Artistic Director

John Harrison

Director of Institutional Advancement

Janet Hartman

Associate Director of Annual Giving

Takisha Haynie

Dorm Faculty, English Instructor, Assistant Director of Residential Life

Elia Hennings

Laboratory Technician

Sonya Henry

Fine Arts Instructor, Middle School Choir Director

Neil Hetrick

German Instructor, MS Global Education Coordinator, MS Walkabout Instructor

David Hilley

Math Instructor

Shena House

Custodial Staff

Laura Howard

English Instructor

Caldwell Huckabay

History/Social Science Instructor

Sarena Hurston

Spirit Store Assistant

Stephen Jackson

Director of College Counseling

Myrtle Jeffrey

Custodial Staff

Howard Johnson

Maintenance Foreman

Henry Jordon

Maintenance Staff

Dallas Joseph

VP of Finance and Operations

Trey Joyner

Science Instructor

Karl Kaisner


Tom Kates

Boys' Lacrosse Coach, Dorm Faculty, History/Social Science Instructor

Julian Kaufman

Assistant Football Coach

Mike Kelly

Applied Humanities Librarian, English Instructor

Rex Kendle

Science Instructor, Wrestling Coach

Barbara Kennedy

Director of External Affairs

Jim Kennedy

Director of Admission

Perry Key

Science Instructor
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