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Boarding Student Support


Baylor takes a holistic approach to caring for our students, recognizing that their needs extend beyond academics. We strive to create a supportive community that fosters growth, development, and success for their students.  Some of our support includes:

Boarding Adviser

Every student at Baylor  is assigned an adviser, but a boarding student's adviser is also his/her dorm parent in their dorm. The adviser serves as the point person for all things Baylor: homesickness, student leaves, grades, athletics, schedules, etc. Students will meet the adviser during move-in weekend and will arrange the best way to communicate with them.  The adviser helps each advisee find opportunities to contribute responsibly and ethically to the community, and works in tandem with parents to help in the development of social skills that allow for positive relationships with peers and adults. The adviser, along with the rest of the dorm team, creates an environment where integrity and respect for self and others is paramount.

Dorm Heads

Every Baylor dorm is led by a Dorm Head. This is an important part of their job at Baylor, and they are responsible for dorm related needs, dorm culture, and the students who reside there. Students know that they may reach out to their dorm head at any time.

Dorm Parents

Each dorm is supervised by dorm parents (including the dorm head and your child's adviser). They serve "on duty" in the dorms, but they also are a presence all the time. You may find them especially useful if something comes up suddenly.

The Residential Life Office

Our Residential Life staff is always available to assist our boarding students with anything they may need. We can help navigate roommate conflict, arrange travel, discuss academic performance, work to connect students, and more. 

Upper School Office

The grade level deans in Baylor's Upper School office can help navigate any academic related issues. Our deans have extensive experience with our boarding program and are wonderful resources.

Counseling Staff

Boarding students will meet with one of our counselors at some point in the first nine weeks of school to check-in on transition, roommates, academic loads, stress, and more. They are not only experts in their field, they have a deep understanding of Baylor and the rigors of our boarding program.

Health Center

Our Health Center has ten beds and is staffed with a full-time nurse practitioner and a night shift nurse.  They can accommodate most medical needs on campus, which eliminates the problem of students missing classes to fit in off-campus medical appointments.

Finding Connections In Baylor's Community

Students find connections everywhere. They may find that Miss Kitty in the Student Center is a great person to go to. They may take comfort in a coach or teacher. They may connect with the library staff or a Learning Center instructor. They may build their routine around attending Baylor Church right on campus each Sunday. They may stop by to update their admission counselor they met during the process. They may connect with one of our parent volunteers who actively support our students in the dorm.



Peggy Angel and Chris Angel '89

Head of School Chris Angel '89 and his wife, Peggy, live on campus and are heavily involved in Residential Life.  You will see them eating in the dining hall, cheering on our athletic teams, attending fine arts events, and supporting boarding students throughout the week and on weekends. 

International Student Support

An International Student Adviser - An international student adviser meets with all the new international students to discuss and assist with various adjustment to Baylor and the U.S., such as homesickness, jet-lag, and immigration paperwork. The international student adviser is a resource and an advocate for international students and their families.

Academic Support & ESL - Should an international student require help with oral or written English skills, assistance is available through our Writing Center and through extra help from their teacher during office hours. We also have faculty who are well versed in the English as a Second Language (ESL) curriculum who can assist students upon request.