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What Our Students Say


An Amazing Place to Be

Evan Eubanks '23 talks about the diverse community in his dorm with stories and cultures from around the world.


A Home Away from Home

Madisen Williams '23 talks about her search for the perfect boarding school and how pleasantly surprised she’s been with the opportunities at Baylor.


Finding Community Wherever I Go

Shriyaa Srihari '23 talks about the many ways Baylor has prepared her for college.


We Want to See Each Other Succeed

Lee Dozier '23 talks about how the boarding community is like one big family, holding each other accountable and creating a brotherhood like none other.


What About the Food?

Another important factor in living away from home is food! Lee Dozier '23 talks about the amazing variety of food you can get as a boarding student.


Making Tons of Friends

International student David Schneider '22 talks about his first experiences being welcomed into the Baylor community.