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Counseling Center

Both Middle School and Upper School have student support and counseling services available for all students.

Baylor’s Counseling Center is dedicated to providing emotional support for all students as they navigate their years at Baylor.

We recognize that being a teenager in this fast-paced world, filled with social media, technology, academic demands and friendship dilemmas, is both exciting and challenging. Our students, while having access to the best teachers, technology, facilities, and opportunities, are bombarded with decisions every day which impact their social and emotional well-being. At Baylor, we understand this is a critical time in the life of your children, and while they strive to do their best in and out of the classroom, we also strive to provide the support they may need at every level.

Baylor’s Counseling Center offers individual support to students as they are working hard to maintain a healthy balance. Sometimes a special issue, question, problem, or concern arises that may have a negative impact on their over-all well-being. Whether it is stress, anxiety, grief, or disappointment, Baylor School counselors are available to provide assistance tailored to the individual social, emotional, and academic needs of our students.

The Counseling Center operates as a resource to provide students a private and confidential setting in which to work through obstacles which may be interfering with them reaching their highest potential. Both our middle and upper school have student support and counseling services available and students themselves, parents, or faculty may refer students for support.

In addition to working with students and parents, our counselors are a valuable resource to faculty who are developing strategies to help students and they also work closely with outside clinicians when additional support is needed.

Below are a few commonly asked questions and we are always available to answer any others you may have. Please feel free to reach out to us as we are here to serve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Note to Parents

Parents are encouraged to email or call the Counseling Center to confidentially discuss a concern with one of our school counselors, (423) 267-8506, Ext. 232

UPPER SCHOOL Counseling Faculty

Kathy Fraley, M.Ed, LPC, MHSP
Director of Counseling
(423) 267-8506, ext. 362 (Monday-Friday)

Carissa Margio, M.Ed.
Upper School Counselor
(423) 267-8506, ext. 394

Marnie Hemphill, LCSW
Upper School Counselor
(423) 267-8506, ext. 587

MIDDLE SCHOOL counseling faculty

Christy Tomisek, Ed.D.
Director of Middle School Student Support
(423) 267-8506, ext. 508

Lizzie Gendimenico, NCC, PSC
Middle School Counselor
(423) 267-8506, ext. 256

Administrative Assistant

Mavis Weathers
(423) 267-8506, Ext. 232

Counseling Center
(423) 267-8506, Ext. 232