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Baylor Wrestling National Champions

Baylor wrestlers have made appearances on different national stages, winning 15 national championships.

Jordan Leen was a champion at the 2004 NHSCA Senior Nationals and won a NCAA championship for Cornell University in 2008.

Mason Reiniche was a champion at the 2017 NHSCA Sophomore Nationals, runner-up at the 2018 NHSCA Junior Nationals, and runner-up at the 2019 NHSCA Senior Nationals.

Corey Manson was runner-up at the 2005 NHSCA Junior Nationals.

Zach Watson was runner-up at the 2010 NHSCA Sophomore Nationals.

National Prep Championships
During the Mid-South years, Baylor wrestlers qualified for and competed in the National Prep Championship. Here is a list of champions and other National Prep finishers. Baylor returned to the National Prep wrestling championships in 2015.

Champions Charles Moore (1962), Mo Trail (1962), Chip Healy (1964, 1965), Lane Headrick (1965), John Hannah (1967), Alex Roberts (1967), Rob Healy (1968, 1969), Randy Weinberg (1969), Albert Wilson (1970), Khamari Whimper (2017)
Runners-UpFred McNamara (1966), Randy Weinberg (1967, 1970), Lincoln Fuge (1970), Mason Reiniche (2017, 2018, 2019)
Third PlaceJeff Boehm (1960), Billy McKenzie (1964), Mike Reisman (1964), Doug Anderton (1965, 1967), Ted Moore (1966), Randy Weinberg (1968), Paul Thompson (1970), Michael Murphy (2015), Ryan Parker (2015), Khamari Whimper (2016), Garrison Dendy (2019)
Fourth PlaceTom Van Cleave (1960), Alex Roberts (1965), Chris Moore (1968), Jim Thompson (1970), Jimmy Weinberg (1970), Blake Sutherland (2015), Noah Horst (2019), Andrew Pace (2019)