Cross Country - Girls Middle School
Grade Level Races
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The Baylor Middle School cross country teams hosted the annual grade level races to complete the 2019 season. The races were cut to one mile due to the dangerous heat index. Here are the Baylor results.

Sixth Grade
Lilly Catalanotto, 2nd, 6:13Lake Montgomery, 7th, 6:22
Maxine Richards, 3rd, 6:18Ben Boehm, 10th, 6:30
Kate Henry, 7th, 7:01Heath Techasiriwan, 46th, 8:07
Caroline Curtis, 8th, 7:06
Addyson Morgan, 12th, 7:38
Petra Lund, 21st, 8:14
Seventh Grade
Maelynn Adams-Cook, 2nd, 6:15Eli Haddock, 10th, 6:09
Laney Fowler, 6th, 6:35Mercer Murphy, 11th, 6:11
Betsy Williams, 8th, 6:51Gabriel Costilow, 15th, 6:19

Noah Miles, 19th, 6:22

Jack Barkeloo, 47th, 7:14

Zuri Marler, 56th, 7:30
Eighth Grade
Ava Greer Allan, 5th, 6:10Garrison Corley, 2nd, 5:23
Ellie Bickerstaff, 8th, 6:29Kibby Seymour, 3rd, 5:25
Julia McCracken, 26th, 7:41Oliver Nimon, 16th, 6:09

Vincent McClure, 35th, 7:21

Luke Thompson, 37th, 7:22

Whitt Finley, 41st, 7:45

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