Tennis - Boys Middle School
Mixed Doubles vs. McCallie/GPS
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The Baylor Middle School tennis teams wrapped up their seasons with the annual mixed doubles play against GPS and McCallie Friday. A total of 15 mixed doubles matches were played. Here are the results:

  • Gabe Getz/Erin Ensign (McC./GPS) def. Justin Todd/Gaby Czarnecki (Baylor) 8-1
  • Henry Imorde/Caroline Clark (McC./GPS) def. Wade Donovan/Hellen Guerry (Baylor) 8-0
  • George Edwards/McLean Murray (McC./GPS) def. Andrew Kopet/Claire McComie (Baylor) 8-3
  • Arthur Burns/Meaghan Boehm (McC./GPS) def. Luke Bell/Amelia Ohlsson (Baylor) 8-2
  • Drew Holland/Evalynn Mann (McC./GPS) def. Kate Berube/Owen McDaniel (Baylor) 8-6
  • Kale Russell/Carlisle Silberman (Baylor) def. John Edwards/Roo Martin (McC./GPS) 9-8 (5)
  • Acree Brock/Santana Etchinson (McC./GPS) def. Conner Paschall/Sara C. Bradshaw (Baylor) 8-6
  • Ander Youngblood/Louise Brock (McC./GPS) def. Kate McCallie/Thomas Tipps (Baylor) 8-5
  • Carter Wendt/Zella Stockman (McC./GPS) def. Aden Cash/Will Oliver (Baylor) 4-2 (Ret.)
  • Riley Bye/Claire Mitchell (McC./GPS) def. Marguerite Pippenger/Jack Tipps (Baylor) 8-6
  • Lillis Allison/Miller Robinson (Baylor) def. Henry Robbins/Anisha Phade (McC./GPS) 8-5
  • Caroline Stickley/Roman Frazier (Baylor) def. Barnes Thomas/Aniya Parambath (McC./GPS) 8-6
  • Jonah Biondollilo/Addison Kulisek (McC./GPS) def. Zack Ubamadu/Aleyna Patel (Baylor) 8-4
  • Manny Poulos/Caroline Brant (McC. GPS) def. Jeb Martin/Lucy Kitzman (Baylor) 8-4
  • Adit Harish/Lucy Veys (McC./GPS) def. Luciana Hemphill/Timothy George (Baylor) 8-1