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Vines Takes Bronze While Leading Baylor Fencers at Nationals

Baylor fencing coach Kristin Vines took the bronze medal for third place in the Vet-50 Women's Foil (ages 50-59) at the USA Fencing national championships in Columbus, Ohio, June 28 - July 7. Vines, a former national champion, finishes the season ranked eighth in the nation in her age group, returning to world class form one year after total knee replacement surgery.

Vines also led a cohort of seven Baylor fencers who had qualified for the national championships throughout the season. Competitors included Creighton Arrington '21, Jeremy Brien '19, Erik Fong '19, Kistler Hampton '21, Jazmin Perkins '22, Zachary Thornton '19, and Ryker von Klar '19. Results are listed below.

Division III Men's Foil (217 competitors)
  • Brien - 92nd
  • Hampton - 126th
  • Thornton - 141st
  • Arrington - 144th
  • Fong - 148th
  • von Klar - 195th
Division III Ladies' Foil (157 competitors)
  • Perkins - 64th
Division II Men's Epee (197 competitors)
  • Hampton - 117th
  • Thornton - 125th
  • von Klar - 140th
Division II Men's Foil (247 competitors)
  • Brien - 92nd
Division II Ladies' Foil (172 competitors)
  • Perkins - 94th
14-Under Ladies' Foil (232 competitors)
  • Perkins - 182nd

Complete results can be viewed at


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