Baylor Crews Shine at Mid-South Scholastics

The Baylor girls' rowing team wrapped up their regular season at Saturday's Mid-South Scholastics Championships and posted their best results in the history of the regatta, winning four of the seven events. 

The novice 8 started off the day with a ten-second victory over GPS and Westminster, putting the finishing touches on what was a perfect dual race record for that boat.  In the varsity 4, Baylor came up short by .2 seconds in a nail-biter of a race with a strong GPS crew. 

Following a lengthy rain delay, the Raiders won three of the five afternoon events.  The second varsity 8 took the win with a strong final sprint against GPS, ending with a margin of 1.2 seconds.  Baylor then won the novice 4 event against two Westminster crews, finishing with a substantial margin of 21 seconds at the line.  

The junior 4s closed out the day with a similar win, with two Baylor entries finishing roughly 30 seconds ahead of GPS.  The junior 8 and varsity 8 fell to two very strong crews from GPS.  These results come on the heels of the Dogwood Regatta in Oak Ridge, where the Raiders placed three crews in the semis and the U17 8 finished fourth of 25 crews. 

Baylor returns to Oak Ridge this weekend for the Southeast Regional Championships, and then heads to Ohio for Scholastic Nationals May 23-24.

Results for the Baylor boys:

  • The boys novice/freshmen 8+ had a great race against Montgomery Bell Academy (MBA) and McCallie, with all three boats overlapping for most of the course. The Baylor novice 8+ finished 3rd, only 2.5 seconds behind MBA and McCallie, improving by 12 seconds over our last race with MBA.
    • Peyson Pearce (coxswain), Paxton Anderson, Shayan Bajestani, Michael Kinsey, Gus Batt, Jack Smith, Owen Eastman, Rowe Cooper, Caleb Nunes
  • The boys novice 4+’s also had good races, with our novice A4+ and novice B4+ coming in 2nd and 3rd respectively.
    • Novice A4+: Peyson Pearce (coxswain), Paxton Anderson, Shayan Bajestani, Michael Kinsey, Gus Batt
    • Novice B4+: Jack Minehan (coxswain), Rowe Cooper, Caleb Nunes, Scott Campbell, Joshua Lefkoff
  • The boys varsity 8+ finished second to McCallie’s V8+.
    • Varsity 8+: Elias Marler (coxswain), Jack Anderson, Chris Young, Lake Watson, Max Smith, Patrick Stultz, Josh Hart, Ronin Kmeta-Suarez, Tristan Anderson
  • The boys varsity 4+ and junior varsity 4+ came back from the V8+ loss and won their races, defeating McCallie’s and MBA’s boats.
    • Varsity 4+: Elias Marler (coxswain), Jack Anderson, Chris Young, Lake Watson, Max Smith
    • Junior Varsity 4+: Carson Brinn (coxswain), Patrick Stultz, Tristan Anderson, Ronin Kmeta-Suarez, Ethan Bixler
  • The boys second varsity 8+ also showed great improvement over their last race against McCallie, finishing third overall by one second and closing the gap between McCallie’s and our 2V8+s.
    • 2V8: Emma Bayer (coxswain), Ethan Bixler, Luiz Campos, Isaac Waxenberg, Liam Barks, Paxton Anderson, Evan Jenkins, Sean Dougherty, Carson Brinn
  • With a strong final sprint, the boys lightweight 4+ gained a third place finish.
    • Ltwt 4+: Luiz Campos, Evan Jenkins, Isaac Waxenberg, Carson Brinn

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