Verve' Film Fills in for Live Performance

Baylor dancers have showcased their talents at the annual Verve' production since 1992 and this year was no exception.

Although the live production was put on pause due to COVID-19, the 23 students involved in the Middle School and Upper School dance program were not  deterred. In November, they began creating two dance film projects that you can now watch here:

Middle School: Collective - Verve' Dance Performance, January 2021

Upper School: Within - Verve' Dance Performance, January 2021

The films have also been released on Baylor's Instagram and Facebook page.  Tag them and share them with your friends!

“The shift in how we approached showcasing our dancers this year has allowed us to explore different ways one is able to perform. Creating a dance film is a completely different process than putting on a live performance, so it has been a true silver lining that our dancers have been able to experience and navigate this new avenue of dance-making," explained Elizabeth Roemer '05, company director.

Artistic director Margaret Harman '14 said the projects have been a great learning experience for everyone involved. "The dancers have had to learn and execute choreography in a much different manner than usual, and Elizabeth and I have had to envision movement in a different way while learning to direct and edit a film."

The films, choreographed, filmed, and edited by Harman and Roemer.  

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